The Bigots of Omaha Beach

A lot of people including plenty of folks on the left yesterday are celebrating the bravery of the people who stormed the Beaches or dropped from the sky 70 years ago today to begin the end of one of the two great evils of the 20th century.

They call them “The greatest generation” although the people so honored would not refer to themselves in that way.

The fact that these people are treated with such reverence is a matter of fantastic irony to me for the following reasons.

1.  All of those people who hit the beach or fell from the sky were men

2.  Practically all of those men were white.

3.  An overwhelming number of said White Men were Christians

4.  They all came from a society that said the Lord’s Prayer in public schools

5.  They came from a society where abortion was not only illegal but every single doctor before becoming certified took an oath not to perform one.

6.  They all came from a society that looked down on divorce

7.  They came from a society where it was legal not only for parents to spank their kids but schools could legally paddle them.

8.  They came from a society where even the concept that Marriage might be something other than between a man and a woman would have been scoffed at and if you suggested Gay Marriage was a right would have considered you crazy.

9,  In their society children were expected to obey their parents, show respect for their elders and self esteem just came from results.

Yet these are the greatest generation and the media celebrated these men without reserve yesterday.

Today however is no longer D-Day plus 70 years it is D-Day plus 70-years & one day.  So people who lived those values and those who think such values would solve many of the problems that exist today that didn’t exist 70 years ago can be returned to their proper place in the eyes of the left as racist bigot christofacist homophobes until next D-Day or until the last vet of Omaha beach has died.

When that day comes the left will mourn but the next day they will sigh with relief that they no longer have to pretend to honor men who by their very existence disprove their worldview.

Update: At Fr. Z’s site he has a photo of Mass being celebrated on the D-Day Beach

dday mass

Wondering if Maureen Dowd has a line about oppressive patriarchy or our secular humanist care to comment on ignorant non-scientific rubes or perhaps the folks who forced our Mr. Eich at Mozilla care to comment on the lack of gay married couples in the shot?

Nah didn’t think so.

Update 2: Linked by Barbara at American Freedom


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