Stabbing the Giant Until He Falls

If I didn’t believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I don’t know how I would handle these events.

And that’s just this week.

Last year, I said this.

I have trouble blogging about politics in the manner that I used to before 2008: as if there were any politicians who might have the peoples’ best interest at heart.

Every move made by any politician earns the side-eye from me.

The last part of this statement needs to be corrected. Every move made by this government—by this administration—is that of an enemy. It’s plain to see that the Obama Administration is destroying this country on purpose—hollowing it out from within and shaming among the other nations of the world. That last is being achieved by turning all foreign adventures of the Bush Administration into victories for the opponents. (I pray fervently for anyone who has lost a loved one in or who was disabled in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. It’s bad enough to be killed or permanently maimed through these conflicts. But, when our leaders make all the sacrifices for naught…)

And the members of the “opposition” party are worse. How so? Through the inaction of some, they show their fear. Through the collusion of others, they show themselves to be more treacherous than those who are open enemies of this nation. God hates cowards and traitors.

Also, there’s this:

The masses are being plundered on a scale which is inconceivable and unmatched in history; it is the source of the middle classes dying in the developed world. The developed world has become a well-disguised plantation of serfs and slaves. They are given nothing to store and save their labor in as the currency they hold are printed endlessly and have no reserves to back them and are redeemable in NOTHING, contrary to every sound currency in history. Modern day money is nothing less than a wealth confiscation scheme run by morally and fiscally bankrupt central banks and governments against their own citizens.

I praying and preparing—and preparing by praying. I hope you are, too.

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