From this Moment No Pro-Amnesty Republican is Safe

This was largely as I predicted, except the Silly party won

Monty Python, Election night special 1969

I decided to hit the sack very early last night and slept poorly with horrible nightmares that kept waking me, when I woke up this morning I had a splitting headache.

When I turned on my laptop my home page Instapundit came up and I saw this:

ROGER SIMON: What Cantor’s Defeat Means.

My headache immediately disappeared

I turned on Morning Joe and expected to see the Democrats at the table full of glee, after all Eric Cantor was the #2 Republican in the house.

They were depressed.

You could see the long faces, particularly from Al Hunt.

Why would this be? Well Cantor’s defeat in a primary when his budget at steakhouses was greater than Brat’s total funds raised means one thing as stated by this Politico headline:

Eric Cantor loss kills immigration reform

The table understands that “immigration reform” is the key to democrat dominance for decades to come and they spent every moment possible downplaying it as an issue in this election while their allies online did the same.

But the bottom line, spin not withstanding is Republicans in the house have been served notice that they support Amnesty at their own risk.

“But DaTechGuy”, you ask, “The primary season is almost over, Aren’t House Republicans are now safe?”

I think not, what is to stop angry tea party people for crossing over in the general particularly in strong GOP districts since the loss of say Boehner’s seat will not give Democrats the house?

Think about it.


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