One of the things that I’ve made a point to do it over the years is watch MSNBC in the morning.

This brings two advantages, first of all it gives me n insight on what the left’s message & theme of the day is, but it also makes me stronger in my point.

If my arguments are of any value, they can stand up to the left arguments, and not the left’s arguments as repeated or spun by my friends on the right, but the left’s arguments in their own words.  (Much like my Bob Beckels on Da Magnificent Panel.

This is incidentally why the left is so adamant about keeping people from watching Fox news, they call it “Faux” news but they have actually created a “Faux” Fox in order to keep their own from hearing the right’s arguments in their own words


And that brings us to our secular humanist friends, who insists that Christians are simply ignorant people believing superstition.

One of the things I’ve noticed about such people in invariably will pull a verse, particularly from the old testament laws to hit Christians with.  It’s a great straw man when people have no familiarity with scripture but anyone who has read Acts concerning St. Peter and the council of Jerusalem could answer that without pausing for breath.

That being the case it would behove our secular humanist friends to become familiar with scripture, after all how can you critique what you don’t understand, or haven’t heard in context.  After all the scientific method involves actually studying things within their environment.

But where can they get such information and data in an organized way?  That’s easy the Daily Catholic Mass.

The Daily Catholic mass is the perfect way to understand scripture and prayer and the belief in it.  The prayers during the daily mass are crafted on a daily & organized basic, the same with the Eucharistic Prayers.   They are uniform throughout the country (with the occasional optional feast day) because this is nationally set a priest can’t spin it based on your presence.

But most important for your study is the scripture cycle.

Unlike the Sunday mass which operates on a three year cycle, the Daily Mass operates on a two year one.

Year one are Old testament readings grouped to tell a specific story, usually over the course of a week.  In Year two the 1st reading switches the the new testament letters.  Each year you get the full Gospel.

The Daily mass runs about 20 minutes in a local parish with the occasional high mass on a feast day.

If you are a humanist, who wants to make an intelligent case against Christianity it would make sense to invest 30 minutes a day 5 days a week to attend the Daily Mass, see Christians in their natural habitat, listen to their prayers, hear the scripture readings in their context that shape their beliefs.  Study them as they are, get the data needed to make your case against Christianity directly from the largest single denomination in the world.

Now is the perfect time because if you jump in at the start of July you’ll get half a year of old & half a year of new testament & the Gospels in full.  Of course if you want to do the full two year cycle for better data, that makes sense too.

So take up my challenge humanists, spend a year (or two) attending daily mass at a local church, the time it will costs you is a single sitcom a day and if nothing else the scripture references will give you a perspective on what many things within history & western civilization is built on.  See us as we are if you dare.

After all it’s the scientific thing to do.

Graciela:   You… you expect me to marry you, with my father and my four brothers newly buried in Potosi — and my husband ?
Emil Sand :  I expect it, because it is the logical course.
Graciela :  To married you, logical ?
Emil Sand :  Of course ! I am acceptable to Santa Anna. And if he should be defeated, I would manage to become acceptable to his successors.
Graciela : Oh…
Emil Sand : That’s the trick : to be acceptable to the powers that be.

The Alamo 1960

They never evolved again; they should never have survived.

The fact that they did is some kind of tribute to the thick-willed slug-brained stubbornness of these creatures. Evolution? they said to themselves, Who needs it?, and what nature refused to do for them they simply did without

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 1979

Last week we saw a series of stories on Hillary Clinton’s issues with the Democrat party and their media enablers over her “evolution” on “gay marriage”.

The “Evolution” was pretty simple, when her “Christian” credentials needed to be validated she was willing validate the definition of marriage as it had been defined throughout the history of the Christian church, but once key Democrat party’s fundraising, dependent on donors diametrically opposed to these values decided their dollars were dependent on redefining marriage Mrs. Clinton along with many other democrats amazingly “evolved” to positions consistent with those providing fundraising dollars.

However as the Eric Cantor election amply demonstrated funds alone are not enough to secure an election and as her previous position on the Benghazi scandal & the IRS scandal have, at least for now, become untenable in this news cycle, lo and behold the forces of Darwinian evolution have stuck again on Mrs. Clinton, first on Benghazi:

There are still too many unanswered questions about the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday, even as she welcomed the capture of a suspected mastermind of the assaults.

“There are answers, not all of them, not enough, frankly,” she said of the September 2012 attacks on a diplomatic and CIA compound that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others.

That’s the Washington Post on Hillary’s in kind contribution Town Hall held by CNN to bring her numbers up get her positions on issues.

Ed Morrissey waxes poetic:

Who knew the former Secretary of State was such a fan of getting answers? When Congress tried to get answers about the failures that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton infamously erupted in anger, asking “What difference at this point does it make?” Now that she’s preparing a run for the presidency, it apparently makes more difference now than it did then:

and this isn’t the only bit of “evolution” that Mr. Morrissey notes as Mrs. Clinton has decided that the IRS investigation “needs to continue”

This is nothing more than Hillary putting distance between herself and Obama … and on Benghazi, between Hillary 2012 and Hillary 2016.

Actually what she is doing is putting distance between her and a position that despite the best efforts of the Daily Beast, Salon’s & Politico’s and Kevin Drum’s best efforts voters aren’t buying.

Rest assured that if the administrators defender manage to spin this successfully (ABC & NBC have avoided the IRS story like the plague) Mrs. Clinton will “evolve” again, in fact I guarantee it.

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

One of the benefits of being fluent in more than one language is that it allows you to watch hoity toity stuff from abroad. You know the type – soap operas wrapped around history/period pieces, like The Tudors and such, only in languages other than English.

After the success of The Tudors – where Henry VIII was gorgeous but shorter than the real-life Henry – the Spaniards have come up with a TV series on Henry’s mother-in-law, Queen Isabella. The series, Isabel, is as visually appealing as The Tudors, filmed on beautiful locations and sets, and stars not only a lovely girl as Isabel but very handsome men, who greatly add to the appeal. Behold, the cast of Isabel:

I came across Isabel while flipping channels a couple of weeks ago, and started to watch the episodes on line (in Spanish, no subtitles). As it turns out, I finished watching the first season just as Hillary Clinton’s new book came out.

Hillary could learn five things from the young Isabel:
1. It’s not about you, it’s about your country: The young Isabel wanted to be queen not because it was her due as kin of the powerful, but because she was determined to make her people more prosperous (materially and spiritually) and to better her realm.

2. Don’t ask “what difference at this point, does it make?” Isabel fully realized that she was there to make a difference, and that it was her responsibility to do so.

3. Treat your bodyguards with respect and consideration. Young Isabel learned from an early age that good help is not only hard to find, but that her life depended on them, unlike Hillary, who confused the Secret Service with porters.

4. Don’t let your hair down in public. While young Isabel wore her hair down in the TV series, she was scrupulous about protocol. No leading the conga line while on a junket for her!

5. Don’t hang on your husband’s coattails. Isabel, when her brother the king died, placed the crown on her head and became chief justice through her own initiative. She didn’t wait for Ferdinand to get back in town. Indeed, the point was that she didn’t need to wait because it was she who was in charge.

faustaFausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics and culture at Fausta’s Blog, and is fond of pretentious TV soaps disguised as docudramas.

Don Corleone: I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

The Godfather 1972

There was  a headline at Drudge earlier this week about Pope Francis going after financial speculators:

The 77-year-old said “it is important that ethics once again play its due part in the world of finance” and that markets should “serve the interests of peoples and the common good of humanity”.

Francis singled out speculation in agricultural markets calling it “a scandal which seriously compromises access to food on the part of the poorest members of our human family”.

That’s very popelike, reminding the rich of their duty to their fellow-man, “Am I my brother’s keeper” Gen 4:9b and all that.

However when it came to this headline Pope condemns corruption in politics, business and Church

Pope Francis on Tuesday returned to theme of corruption in the Church and in society, saying those who commit this crime must beg for God’s forgiveness.

That didn’t interest anyone.  Perhaps it’s because he used the example from the daily Mass reading this week from 1st Kings Chapter 21.  For those not familiar with the passage Naboth refuses to sell King Ahab his vineyard so the king’s wife Jezebel arranged his murder so Ahab could take it:

This is what she wrote in the letters: “Proclaim a fast and set Naboth at the head of the people. Next, get two scoundrels to face him and accuse him of having cursed God and king. Then take him out and stone him to death.” 1 Kings 21:9-10

(Boy If I want to promote women’s right & feminism this is just the type of person I want to name my site after, but I digress…)

and for those who corruptly use power this Pope words are extremely harsh


This is the definition of corruption, the Pope insisted, it’s a commodity that we buy and sell. Recalling yesterday’s homily in which he identified three areas of corruption – in politics, in business and in the Church – he said all three hurt the poor who always pay the price for the other’s gain. To all of these people, the Pope notes, God says clearly that he will bring disaster on them and their families. Corruption, he said irritates God and scandalises people because it exploits, enslaves, even kills the vulnerable, but those who commit this crime are only focused on money and power.


And then the good Pope, the Pope of the People the pope that the MSM loves more than any other declare those who He declares them “Cursed by God.”

If I’m a pol who has over the course of his career suddenly found himself rich or someone who has used public funds to support allies in return for contributions or abused the powers of Government to subdue my political enemies and have any trace of the fear of God still in me, id be scared.

But there is good news, the same Pope France who has declared you “Cursed by God” is the one who is constantly talking about confession and God’s infinite capacity to forgive.

just as Ahab tore his clothes and fasted and humbled himself before the Lord, so the corrupt must repent and make amends for what they have done.

BTW if you are a Christian feeling superior after Francis’s words, don’t be smug, because he reminds us our job isn’t to celebrate the Curse of God on the evil, it’s your job to do something about it:

Our duty as Christians, the Pope concluded, is to ask forgiveness from God for these people we read about in the papers, to pray for their conversion of heart and for the grace that we may never become corrupt ourselves.


So make sure these guys are on your prayer list, pronto:

Final thought: This isn’t the first time the Pope went on about public corruption, nor the first time I wrote about it, but I thing the close of that post still applies.

Now of course the Pope wasn’t speaking directly to the Obamacare corruption any more than he directly linked these sermons to the Curia but I wonder if our friends on the left will be as anxious to repeat these words from the Pope in the MSM as they have been others?

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it.

Actually I don’t wonder at all.


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