An Update from Bishop Crudup in Mississippi (And another)

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You might recall that I was very taken aback by the NYT story this weekend concerning monies being spent in the Thad Cochran race and was particularly taken by this statement printed in the NYT’s story on the subject.

The Cochran outreach campaign is taking many forms. The “super PAC” supporting the senator, Mississippi Conservatives, is paying African-American leaders, including Mr. Crudup, to help lift black turnout on Tuesday, said Pete Perry, a Republican strategist here who is working for the group.

As a person who writes about religion & politics that screamed “tax exempt status conflict” not to mention that it seemed unseemly that a Bishop would be accepting funds to turn out the vote, particularly for someone who he would normally oppose.

Yesterday I heard back from Bishop Curdup, he was able to say that his statements in the NYT are accurate, but couldn’t speak for the rest of it.

I then sent him the above quote and asked if can confirm Mr. Parry’s statement.

He answered this Morning that he would not confirm that statement. He did say he is raising money for what he called “our pac” to found our efforts. I presume that this would be referring to the efforts to defeat tea party candidate Chris McDaniel.

Here is what I take from this.

1. If Bishop Curdup is raising money for a pac that would be of course separate from raising money for or though his church as a Bishop, he does not lose his rights as a voting American because of his religious vocation.

2. The use of the words “Our Pac” is ambiguous, I would presume that this would mean a different PAC than “Mississippi Conservatives” which is the Pac Mr. Perry is working with although that is not something I have the answer to yet.

There are two obvious things that come to mind here as well.

1. Taking Bishop Curdup him at his word, and I have no reason not to, If I was him I’d be rather upset that the NYT was not more clear in their story, not only does their ambiguity have the potential to put his church’s nonprofit status at risk but it to some degree impunes his honor.

2. Can someone ANYONE explain why a the it takes a blogger in Massachusetts sitting in a bedroom with Doctor Who playing in the background to get these answers and clarifications when

A: The NYT is an international business enterprise employing thousands and

B: As the “Paper of Record” in America every single news agency in the country saw the exact same story I did and could have asked the very same questions.

C:  The Mississippi Senate race is a nation story with implications both for the control of the Senate and the relationship between the Tea Party & the GOP

I mean c’mon are these guys even pretending to try anymore?


Update:  While the MSM doesn’t want to upset the apple cart as it might help a Tea Party candidate Breitbart is getting some rather loud denials from others in the state:


Cole and others have also said shadowy Democratic operatives working to drive Democrats to the polls for Cochran, like James “Scooby Doo” Warren, are known for using “walking around money” and other tactics to incentivize voters to the polls.

 A black conservative political activist even recently posted the “going rates” for black preachers to endorse Cochran from the pulpit, saying he was familiar with how much they were being paid.

Carter, though, denies he’s receiving any money for his work to help Cochran.

 “I ain’t seen no kind of money around here,” he said when asked if he received any cash from Cochran’s team to help deliver voters to the polls. “I ain’t seen no walking around, no crawling around, no jumping around money.”

And J. Christian Adams reports that all the stops are being pulled out in terms of legality

Tatler has learned that Democrat notaries who engaged in illegal conduct in previous elections in Mississippi (according to a federal court ruling) are now harvesting absentee ballots for the Republican runoff from African-Americans who have always voted in Democratic Party primaries…

…This is the sort of voter fraud that academics and political hacks (but I repeat myself) say is rare and doesn’t really amount to much.

Tatler can report that the notaries who have been engaged in voter fraud going back at least a decade are now in the field once again harvesting absentee ballots from African-Americans in the Republican primary who normally never vote in the Republican primary in Mississippi.

I think the “intent” law in Mississippi in terms of primaries is stupid but this other stuff, it stinks to high heaven.

Update 3:  Heard again from Bishop Curdup he notes that the church is located in the same shopping center where the PAC office is located.  He categorically states the church is: ” no way involved or supporting my efforts.”   

That’s a very important point and if I was the Bishop I’d be rather peeved that neither the NYT story nor Mr. Perry make that clear.  It’s a poor use of a person working on behalf of your candidate.


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