Southern Border Invasion – Posting Troops Just Won’t Do It – One Veteran’s Perspective

I know, I am just a silly enlisted veteran. I was discharged approaching 20 years ago now. However, I want to say something that needs to be said.

Placing troops on the southern border of the United States will NOT solve this problem, and it will cause us issues. Why? Why not just jump in with the masses and say, yes bring our troops back from wherever they are and put them down there.

Several reasons.

First, the troops are tired. They have been deployed often and they are ready, and deserve, a break. If we were being invaded by a military force, and the drug cartels may qualify but that is a different discussion, then yes we should do that. But to stop the stream of civilians (although some are gang members) across the border is not what the troops are designed for. It is also not, and this is more important, it is NOT what they are trained for.

Second, the military has two purposes in its design. Their job is to kill people and break things, or support other troops who do just that. They do get used for humanitarian things from time to time, but they really shouldn’t. Do we want to kill all of the civilians coming across the border? I don’t think so considering how many kids are in this long line of people coming.

So what is the answer to the porous border problem?

Lots of people have chimed in on this problem.

I want to look at this differently. Why are they coming here?

Somewhere along the line someone breathed a word that amnesty was on the table as a potential immigration solution.

There is no doubt that we have had a broken system. My wife is a first generation legal immigrant and she has told me of her first hand awful experiences of going through the system legally. So yes, our system needs work.

We need an investigative reporter to ask some questions.

Why does the rumor of amnesty get you to this long line of humanity coming across the border?

Why are children (according to some news outlets) trying to jump on moving trains and, in some cases, getting hurt (some losing limbs) in the process?

What are they running from would be my first question?

What is life now like in their country of origin?

Have drug cartels really taken over so is the threat of deportation so bad they won’t try it?

That brings us to the next question. How do you close that border.

There is no fence, no number of guards, and no increase in border patrol that will cut it. There is a huge border.

The only way to do this…legislatively.

First we need to fix our messed up immigration system.

Second, we need to make the penalties for coming here so severe for both the immigrant and anyone employing that person here illegally that no one would dare cross those lines.

In conclusion, troops aren’t the answer. Legislative reform is. Ask your lawmaker to roll up their sleeves and do their job. Fix the system. Don’t deploy troops.

We can’t continue to use our troops for whatever the crisis of the day is.

They have a specific purpose and doing the job of our hard working border agents isn’t it.

Don’t deploy troops to the border. Get lawmakers to do their job. Let’s enforce the laws that are out there and if those laws are not what we want them to be, don’t ignore them, reform them.