The MSM tries to Vatican II the Hobby Lobby Decision

If you turn to any liberal site or cable channel a ton of talk is being given to the dissent of Justice Ginsburg

It’s quite a switch from what they were saying about her a few months ago:

TPM: Top Liberal Scholar Calls On Justice Ginsburg To Resign

National Review: Justice Ginsburg Resign Already

Daily Kos: Ruth Bader Ginsburg – I love you. Please resign right now.

or even three days ago at the Huffington Post:

Thank You for Your Service, But It’s Time to Go Justice Ginsburg

It’s also interesting to see their sudden interest in Supreme Court dissents, something I don’t recall a lot of media interest in before:

It brings to mind how once Democrats were in the minority in the house, suddenly what a house minority leader had to say was worth covering.

While both of these things are of some interest what I find most interesting is the tactic because as a Catholic it’s so familiar.

After Vatican 2 and Humanae Vitae the left in the Church and the media who supported them were disappointed by the result. While there were changes in the Mass and an increase in the use of the laity it was not what they had dreamed of. So rather than talking about what doctrines actually were and what the counsel documents actually said they created a false narrative aided and abetted by many in ministry who preferred the church in their own image rather than the church as it was.

Thanks to the get along to go along attitude of many who knew better entire generations was either catechised falsely or not at all and the church & society paid for it.

This is the goal of the left in the Ginsberg dissent to create a de facto narrative in their minds similar to the Bush Gore election, and by that narrative hope to effect both how the issue is reported and perhaps even how some of the liberal judges rule on future cases as more Christian businessmen assert their rights.

Of course this is not the 70’s. Both the internet exists as does a strong cadre of conservatives ready to push back, and the reality of the decision in encoded in US law so don’t expect the kind of legal apostasy that we saw in the church but rest assured they’ll give it the old pagan try.