Border Chaos: A Democrat Election Strategy

There is perhaps no one who appreciates the meaning of a border better than an illegal immigrant. The line that divides the United States from what is south of it is the most significant demarcation in their lives.

Kevin Williamson

Do remember, you’re there to fuddle him, they way some of you young fiends talk, anyone would suppose it was our job to teach

C. S. Lewis The Screwtape Letters I

One’s first instinct looking at the Sunday Shows this weekend is that the (new) crisis at the border is not working out for the administration particularly when you see these two clips from Meet the Press of the Homeland security secretary

And GOP rep Labrador who followed him

Labrador points out that the situation in South & Central america is no different that it has been in the last 30 years yet the gigantic influx of children in particular began under the Obama years. This argument and the dodging of the secretary would seem to be a slam dunk for the right come election day.

It’s not.

First of all the majority of the people the left is counting on will not be watching the sunday shows in the first place and most of those who did will be hearing plenty of defenses of the other side like Candy Crowley or Martha Raddatz whose purpose in life is to defend this president..

Second of all, efforts to depress their own base not withstanding, the GOP is already motivated to turn the Democrats out this fall.

Finally the majority of the problem is taking place in state where there are no key races taking place.  California, New Mexico, Arizona & Texas are not key to either sides victory this fall.

“But DaTechGuy”, you ask, “That doesn’t matter, this is showing up on TV news and people around the country are seeing it.”

I think they want that to be the case. What the president hopes for, what his party is counting on actually is anger, anger on the already energized right that can be used to spark the left.

The Democrats are in bad shape and have three ways to salvage a win this fall:

Depressing or splitting the GOP base.

Encouraging their own base


Now the third is so standard that one almost doesn’t even need to comment on it (although Powerline has an interesting story concerning Democrat primary…irregularities) and the first while active isn’t going to be the main plan.

It’s somehow ginning up their own base that’s got to make the difference and that’s what the border is all about.

The plan, as I see it, is actually quite cunning, allow this epidemic to overload, to produce a crisis and wait for a response and then to hit the “Hispanic” media with that response, play up the idea that the GOP is all about getting rid of “their” children.

Every day this goes on the talking point, not to the general public but to the base is going to be the GOP war on hispanic children, these border teens are going to be the 2014 version of Trayvon Martin.

Is it risky, not really, if you are dying anyways what’s the difference if you take the experimental drug that might kill you?  The Democrats are following the hallowed advice of Lyndon Baines Johnson:  If you do everything, you’ll win.

And if that means provoking a crisis or catastrophe for the country so much the better.  Win or lose such crisis demands action,  and said action is invariably in the form of federal funds going to the bureaucracies state or federal to “solve” them affording excellent opportunities for graft on every single level.

This is how it is and the sooner we figure this out the better we will be.