Where are the Bomb Shelters in Gaza?

A couple of days ago I wrote about Firedoglake’s piece complaining that Hamas Rockets have failed to kill any Jews while Israel’s Gaza counter strikes have killed 50-100.

On CNN yesterday a spokesman for the Israeli was totally unapologetic about successfully defending their citizens but noted that there is pretty much a 15 second gap between the time the sirens go off and the time you have to get to a shelter.

Of course some places, like certain malls & markets, don’t have sufficient shelters as evidenced from this exchange via Shiloh Musings

Just a tiny fraction of the shoppers and staff in the supermarket can fit in it. There’s no way that there would be room for the Yafiz customers and workers could get in if people were to take the alarm seriously. We took our cue from our customers who barely missed a beat.”

“What was that?”
“An alert/alarm?”
“Oh, so what’s the price of …?”
“It couldn’t be near here.’
“Did you hear anything?”
“Let them bomb all the Arabs on Har Habayit!”
“I hope they hit the gold dome.”
“Do you have — in size –?”

Those were typical reactions I heard. Actually a large portions of the reactions were wishes that the Gazan missiles would destroy the mosques on the Temple Mount. I didn’t notice anyone walking out of the store, certainly nobody ran out looking for shelter.

The representative from Hamas that Wolf Blitzer interviewed went on and on about Israel targeting civilians and (while claiming they did not) but somehow the it never occurred to Wolf to ask that obvious question which suddenly hit me…

…where are the Bomb shelters in Gaza?

Where is the siren system? Where are the shelters purchased with either western aid or Arab oil money?

For 10 years Hamas has owned the Gaza strip, they have had complete control of the area and while they’ve managed to acquire rockets to shoot at Israel and tunnels to get into Israel for kidnapping and bomb setting they haven’t taken the time to build bomb shelters.

Why not? If they are actually concerned about their people under Israeli attack surely they would invest in shelters for their women and children to take cover in during an Israeli attack? Surely the great humanitarians of Hamas would take the time and the foreign money to make sure their sons and daughters are protected?

Yet not only have they not done this in ten years but they have urged people living in buildings that are targeted to remain inside as Jake Tapper has reported. In fact I wonder how strong that urging has been? Does it involve a “militant” with a gun?

Isn’t there anyone in the international media who can figure this out?

If you want to pretend that Israel is the great villain here be my guest, one of the most basic rights a person has in a free society is the right to be wrong, but until the rulers of Gaza show the same concern that Israel does for it’s citizens, Jew, Arab & Christian, don’t expect me to buy that load of crap.

Update: Al Arabia talks of this as pride:


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