The Israel / Hamas Cease Fire Poll

The news tonight is filled with offer from Egypt concerning a cease-fire deal that they are trying to broker between Israel & Hamas.

International opinion being what it is the world is anxious for Israel to take this deal and the PM is reportedly considering it strongly as opposed to a full incursion into Gaza with 40,000 troops. On the other hand a cease-fire that just lets Hamas re-arm doesn’t exactly ring the chimes.

So what do you think? What should Israel do?

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We’ll announce the results saturday morning


Israel has tentatively accepted the deal:

Yesterday, Egypt floated a proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza as a first step to negotiating a longer-term truce and some normalization between Gaza and Israel. Israel accepted the terms and unilaterally adopted the cease-fire. Hamas … not so much:

But with a warning:

“If Hamas rejects the Egyptian proposal and the rocket fire from Gaza does not cease — and that appears to be the case — we are prepared to continue and intensify our operation and protect our people,” Netanyahu said three hours after the cease-fire began.

Yid with Lid thinks the cease-fire is a win for Israel

The Israel acceptance boxes Hamas into the corner. With the Egyptian proposal giving Hamas nothing it demanded, an acceptance means the terrorist group caused almost 200 deaths, many more injured, a depletion of its rocket supply, and large parts of Gaza destroyed, without gaining anything politically nor inflicting horrible casualties on Israelis.

On the other hand if Hamas doesn’t eventually say yes and rejects the Egyptian proposal it will find itself totally isolated in the international community and the Arab world. They will be accused of torpedoing the opportunity for calm, and Jerusalem will have the legitimacy to mount a ground offensive into Gaza.

Do you agree?