Dead children, a porous border, no solutions, and loads of name calling

By Timothy Imholt

I have been reading, and listening to the news reports about our porous border just like many informed Americans have. I have found myself annoyed, disgusted, not at all surprised and now I am back to annoyed.

The article that set me off is the more recent release by Jim Hoft on Gateway Pundit in which we learn (again without surprise) that dead children are washing up on the shores of the Rio Grand River. The article can be found linked here: Jim Hoft Gateway Pundit.

Here is the problem I have with this entire situation. Our decision makers in Washington are not making decisions. They just aren’t. They are pointing fingers, increasing name recognition by going on the news and railing against the opposition but they are not solving the problem.

One side repeats over and over that we need comprehensive immigration reform before we have further discussion. The other side says we need to close the border before anything else. Let me say that in my opinion they are both wrong. They just are.

Let’s look at immigration reform. I am married to someone who immigrated to this country long before I met her. She came here legally and is a citizen (was before I met her). The system, according to what I have heard from her and according to my own research, is to put it mildly messed up. It needs loads of repair. But to be an elected official who is responsible for passing laws and saying the system is broken, a system you can fix, yet you haven’t introduced legislation to do that is just a dishonest thing. To say that all we need is “amnesty” which is another way to say forgive and forget your illegal entry into the country is also wrong.   What we need is a real fix to the system because amnesty alone still leaves us with a broken system.

Those that say close the border, build a fence, whatever the current answer is (my favorite is send the military) are also missing the point. If Congress made the decision tomorrow to build the fence (a decision they made then never funded it) it wouldn’t be done for months to years. It is a long fence. Why do I say that? I worked in the defense and government contracting world for years. It takes months to get a contract signed after you decide which contractor is the winning bid. Take that time and add more months to years for the actual construction and you see my point. It isn’t closed tomorrow.

I feel compelled as a veteran to talk about “sending the military.” That can also be said as “send the National Guard.” Ok, I get it. Here is my issue. The military is not designed to deal with this. They are professionals and they would. But it isn’t their job. They can close that border. It would be so tight as any border region in the world. Here is my challenge. The military has two jobs: kill enemy soldiers and break things. They are not, typically, a care group for immigrants. They would do it, and do it to the best of their ability. But at the cost of their skills for their actual job deteriorating in favor of this new mission. Therefore, if we need them elsewhere we have a problem.

So what is the answer? Well I don’t know but I do know one thing.

Right now the people paying the price are the American people, because I assure you the approximately $4B request is only the start…and the children being caught in the middle, and now dying.

We need a humanitarian intervention on our border. We need a border to be a sovereign state. We also need people to stop dying trying to get here. Let’s fix the system, have orderly immigration, and we need to figure out what to do with those that are already here.

What needs to stop and stop now is the name calling.

Dear everyone in Washington, Stop pointing fingers, order some pizza, make a large pot of coffee, get some smart people in the room and solve the problem.