The Palestinians Losing the Culture War in Israel

We’ve briefly talked about the revenge killing of Muhammad Abu Khdei who was murdered in response to the kidnapping and slaying of three Israeli teens, but what we haven’t talked about is the cultural significance in this.

I think it’s the sign of a cultural turn and one that our Palestinian friends should see as a huge warning sign.

One of the constant lies of Palestinian/arab propaganda is the idea of Jewish “ethnic cleansing” or Apartheid we’ve demolished this myth several times here but we never really talked about why it’s false.

Israel certainly has the power, the ability and the weaponry to wipe the Palestinians off the face of the earth. If the Jewish state choose, it could say half a mile into Gaza, totally destroy the existing housing there, create a kill zone and simply move the border accordingly. The arabs couldn’t stop them and would be subject to massive slaughter if they tried. They are in the position to take and displace the arabs en masse whenever they want. If they wanted to rebuild the temple, the dome of the rock would be gone and no arab army would react because to do so would invite slaughter.

So why doesn’t Israel do these things?

The answer is pretty simple, the western values that Israel has precludes those things but it’s more than that.

Israel was founded in the late 40’s and fought a full-scale war in the 40’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s and 80’s to keep it. That generation goal was always the security of the Jewish state, simply to be left alone.

But time passes and that generation is dying.

Now Israel has a population where more than half of their people were born after the six-day war. Jerusalem and the west bank have been a part of Israel all their lives. They have not had to fight a full-scale war but have endorsed rocket & terror attacks regularly.

While the older generation might have accepted this as the price of the return to their ancient lands the younger generation is likely to have none of it. They did not flee from arab lands to Israel as their parents or grandparents did and do not have the memory of a time when they might have had friendly, or at least not hostile arab neighbors.

All they know is they are trying to live their lives and the Arabs are tying to kill them while they do so to make up for a war they lost and their failure to destroy them.

Furthermore they see those same arabs celebrating their deaths and they unlike the west, know what the Arabs are saying in arabic and know exactly what the Palestinians are being taught and what their goals really are. The best symbol of this?

Palestinian rioters in the Arab-Israeli town of Shuafat outside Jerusalem have completely destroyed a new light rail system built by Israel to improve travel in the city and connect it to other towns.

And that message has not been lost on those who saw it.

The total destruction of the modern light rail—which was seen as a symbol of coexistence between Israeli and Arab areas of Jerusalem—is evidence of mounting frustration among Israeli Arabs, who have increasingly clashed with Israeli police as tensions reach a boiling point following the murders.

“These are Arab-Israelis in Jerusalem, and they destroyed a multi-million dollar project that connected them to the rest of the city,” said Jonathan Schanzer, vice president of research for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). “This is apartheid, self imposed.”.

That leads to changing attitudes to a new generation of Israeli warriors and not one that bodes well for the Arabs:


Tamir Lion, an anthropologist who studies youth, said he was troubled by the changing attitudes among Israel’s young people. For many years, Mr. Lion interviewed soldiers about why they chose to enter combat units. “The answers,” he said on Israel Radio, “were always about the challenge, to show I could make it, the prestige involved.”

That began to change in 2000, he said. “I started to get answers — not a lot, but some — like: ‘To kill Arabs.’ The first time I heard it, it was at the time of the large terror attacks, and since then it has not stopped.”

A generation has grown up in a period of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with suicide bombs and military incursions, rocket fire and airstrikes. Young people on both sides may think about the other more as an enemy than as a neighbor.

Mr. Lion, head of research at the Ethos Institute, said he was troubled. “Today I can say, and everyone who works with youth will say it, Jewish youth in Israel hate Arabs without connection to their parents or their own party affiliation and their own political opinions.”


This represents a serious miscalculation for the arabs and their allies:

Those who blamed Israel for radicalizing Palestinian youth could do so freely because they never thought Israeli youth could be radicalized in sufficient numbers to expose their hypocrisy. They might now be wondering if they were wrong.

The 20 something who joined the Israeli army in 2000 is now the 30 something vet and or junior or middle officer in 10 more years they will be the General in charge of striking back and it 20 more years they will be the prime minister who says “enough”. Moreover that population will be augmented by Jews who have fled Islamic persecution in Europe.

While Seth Mandel doesn’t think Israeli youth may be resentful of the Palestinians who have tried to kill them I’m betting they not only resent it, but are getting damn tired of it and in a very few years those youth will be in government and will not be inclined to show restraint.

For decades the Arabs have wanted to exterminate the Jews but have not had the power, during that same time the Jews had the power to exterminate the Arabs but did not have the will or desire.

I predict that in a generation the Arabs will still not have the power to exterminate the jews but the jews will not only still have that power, but might also have the will to do it.

If I were the arabs I’d make a deal and make it NOW while the 1948 generation is still alive because any deal they will get once they’re gone will come from the barrel of a gun.

Update: Fixed deplorable grammar.
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