Governor Patrick’s Cardinal Prop

I must confess even two days later I’m still angry about Governor Patrick’s press conference concerning dealing with making facilities available in the state for the influx of children crossing illegally that the administration is dealing with.

You might have missed this story with so much news out there lately.  I talked about this yesterday on DaTechGuy on DaRadio but if you didn’t catch my rather angry harangue, I found myself very upset at Governor Patrick’s press conference for several reasons, but two of them are primarily religious.

First of all I was upset at the hypocrisy. Governor Patrick made a great fuss about saying how his religion requires his to feed the hungry and take care of the poor and bluntly said that at the end of his life he will be called to account for our actions.

I find this odd but the same Christianity that he claims requires him to help the poor and the wanderer (which it does) also condemns Sodomy as a sin and yet his administration has not only promoted it in schools but has condemned those who would object to it and not embrace it as right.

That same Christianity tells him not to kill the innocent but he has steadfastly supported abortion and has been a great friend to planned parenthood.

Funny how his Christianity compels him to obey some rules and not others.

But what really jars my gears was the sight of Cardinal O’Malley at the podium behind him.

Now I of course do not object to Cardinal O’Malley offering to help in this crisis as I’ve already written while it’s the government’s function to enforce our laws and protect our borders the Christian duty to our fellow-man is independent of this. Given the chance to feed the hungry, clothe the naked o shelter the homeless the Church is compelled to be of service in this regard, even if it is an unpopular thing to do and the Cardinal is correct in offering the aid of the Catholic church in this crisis.

Yet he could have done this without providing the Governor whose administration has declared the Catholic Church unfit to provide adoption services in Massachusetts a visual for his news conference.

That same governor who was so happy to have the Cardinal lend him his moral authority has forced the church to abandon adoptions unless they are willing to commit mortal sin by placing children for adoption with gay couples.

Mind you the church was expert at placing the toughest to place kids as it had been doing adoptions long before the state did but that didn’t matter to Deval Patrick, the LGBT lobby spoke and he obeyed.

The Irony is not lost on me, and the question should be asked of the Governor:  How is it that the Church is unworthy to place children for adoption in the state of Massachusetts but is completely worthy to take care of illegal immigrant children at the request of the state?

The answer of course is that one serves the political purposes of both the Patrick & Obama administration and the other does not.

Knowing this and further knowing that Gov Patrick also vehemently opposes the protections for the church in terms of conscience objections under obamacare I find it obscene that this Governor would use a prince of the Church as a prop in a photo-op.

I further object to Cardinal O’Malley allowing himself to be so used. There is no reason why he could have expressed his support in writing or even sent a parish priest to express the church’s support for this measure.

Frankly I don’t expect better from this governor who spends plenty of time putting a false face on things but I expect better from a Cardinal familiar with Christ’s admonition in Matthew Chapter 10 verse 16 when he sent his disciples out:

“Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.”

Because when you do this Cardinal you are acting less like a prince of the Church and a teacher of its people than as  an abused spouse standing by the man who beats and berates her in the hope of gaining his approval.

Closing thought, every person who applauded the governor at the end of his press conference when he said this decision was not political, is either a liar or an idiot or both..  If this was not a political move it could have been done without the photo-op, to suggest otherwise insults my intelligence.