Market Basket’s Gift to the GOP if they’ll take it

Saturday night you would have noticed that the Market Basket story made national TV.

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The story has also made Time Magazine


In an era overrun with CEO hate and 1% bashing, such comments—and the actions of all those who have put their jobs in jeopardy—are nothing short of astonishing.


and the Washington Post

Employees protest over many things: higher wages, better benefits, safer working conditions in their jobs. What’s far more unusual, if not unprecedented, is to see workers, organized by senior managers, stage a rebellion to help their CEO get his job back.

We’ve been covering this story for a while and while the instinct says this is a democrat issue (labor vs management) I think it’s tailor-made for the GOP & the conservatives, consider:

1. The workers have rejected unions and continue to do so

2. They aren’t striking over money or demanding that ridiculous $15 hour min wage.

3. They are arguing AGAINST taking on debt as dangerous to the company.

4. They are arguing for the long term stability & survival of the company vs a quick fix

5. Their rallies cross ethnic and racial boundaries

6. Like the Tea Party rallies they are respectful and clean up after themselves.

7. Like tea party rallies there is no trouble at them (I talked to an officer on duty, no trouble, no violence no arrests).

Bottom line this rally is pro-capitalism, they are the complete opposite of the occupy movement.

And if that’s not enough you have high profile democrats like Elizabeth Warren & Deval Patrick playing duck dodge & hide on the issue (For Warren that’s going to come back and bite her presidential ambitions) leaving a huge void. If the GOP/Tea Party/Conservative movement moves to fill that void you suddenly put the left on the spot while supporting what conservative have always supported: Responsible management of business to make a profit.

If I was Rick Santorum I’d be in Massachusetts at the next rally. If I was Reince Priebus I’d be asking why Elizabeth Warren & the left are AWOL and suggest it is due to being owned by the unions.

And if I was Kirsten Hughes I’d run through that gap in the line the left has left unguarded and I’d go all in for the Market Basket Workers and vividly illustrate the GOP’s support for the working man.

This is not only the right thing, it’s the SMART thing…

…which unfortunately makes it less likely the GOP will do it.



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