Guest Post: Conservatives, STOP Supporting Obama’s Desire for a Race Conflict in America

by J. Niewicki

It is evident to anyone observing the events over the past six years that Obama, although un-American in his actions and advocacy, is not stupid.  Though many of those who oppose Obama know this, they still do not consider the real reasons for his actions and react with very little consideration to the real reasons Obama does what he does.

Consider the recent events surrounding illegal immigration into the United States.  Why would Obama allow such at thing to happen?  What benefit does he get from such an event?

More money?  No, most are children.

To improve the chances the next president will be a Democrat?  Not likely, according to a recent poll released by Gallop and cited by, only 22% of Americans favor increased immigration, 33% would like it to remain as it is, and 41% believe it should be decreased (4% had no opinion).

So why would Obama allow these events to occur?

It is the opinion of this article’s author that President Obama’s motive is to create dissonance between the racial groups in America.  From this frame of reference, the motives surrounding the recent actions of Obama are clear.

Consider the facts:

  1. The messaging being perpetuated by the media and all other actors regarding these events are about the thousands of children immigrating into America.  Not adults, not families, children.
  2. Not only children, but children of a demographic which when criticized fall directly into the narrative that America is a racist nation.
  3. Obama clearly sees the world through the prism of race.  When a police officer was doing his duty in Cambridge Massachusetts, Obama’s initial reaction without knowing much about the circumstances was to defile the officer and tie the event to racism.  When later it was found that the officer was an expert on preventing racial profiling and even taught at the police academy about the harm such actions could cause, Obama rightfully and to his credit changed his tune.  Yet as in insight into the roots of this thinking, this event show clear insights.

Obama, by allowing what can only be described as a miniscule number of children into the country in comparison to the total number of people here today, accomplishes a number of goals by allowing this to happen.

First, he is able to prop up an event that he knows is a hot button issue to American conservatives.  Second, he is able to frame that issue in relation to children and minorities.  Third, he is able to point to the over reaction of conservatives in America and validate the myth that they are both racist and (this is the cherry on top that makes this move genius by Obama) – hate children.

So what do conservatives in America do to respond to this?


  • Hold rallies where Obama operatives can hold up signs of racism and hate.
  • Take precious resources from fighting Obamacare so that fewer people notice the ACA does not make health care more affordable or more available to people.
  • Remove the focus from the IRS scandals and NSA encroachment into the lives of everyday Americans.

Therefore, conservatives, please stop being so stupid.

Obama is winning because the conservative movement takes his bait every time.  Immigration is not the issue, it is the welfare state.  If the principle that people have a right to the unearned was not perpetuated by both the conservative and leftist groups in America; if we returned to the principles our country was founded in which liberty and individual rights were our highest values, we would welcome all immigrants into our country.

When this was the reality in America, the only people who would make the effort to come to our country were those who could produce and contribute to our overall success.

Why would we not want these people here?

Unless we laboriously outthink our opponents, we will lose.  The American experiment is dying because the recognition of its foundation is all but lost in the public discourse.  We must reaffirm and speak publically of the right of every individual to pursue his or her own life as they see fit; to pursue their life, their liberty, their pursuit of happiness; not the lives, liberty, and happiness of others.   Only then will we stunt the continuing progress of Obama’s agenda.

If conservatives want these types of actions by Obama to stop, they must start looking more closely at why Obama does what he does, and recognize his long term goals; some of which this author believes are focused on dividing the United States of America.