Invoking St. Moses for the Protection of Israel

The title of this post might confuse some non-Catholics (and perhaps some catholics as well.  It is not widely known that the Catholic Church considers the prophets and patriarchs of the old testament Saints of the church.

This is actually a most logical conclusion.  The definition a Saint is merely a person who has attained heaven.  My mother for example may have attained sainthood but the church has no definite sign of this and until a formal cause is opened for her and miracles attributed to her the one Holy Catholic Church will not recognize St. Mary of Fitchburg  as a canonized saint.

However this problem does not apply to Moses and the prophets.  Therefore it is not odd that at my church St. Anthony of Padua will see stained glass windows of Abraham, David, Isaiah and this one depicting Moses:


and given Moses status as the deliver of Israel if you are a Christian who wants to pray for Israel, who better to invoke that the person who by following the instructions of God delivered his people from the yoke of slavery and brought them to the land that they are now defending?

I would suggest something like this:


St. Moses who through your obedience to the word of God delivered his people Israel to the land promised them and who with Elijah appeared with the Transfigured Christ before Peter James & John , we humbly ask your prayers for the progeny of those same people who you once led through the wilderness.

Through your powerful intercession may the Holy Spirit give their leaders the wisdom to steer them, as you did, safely through danger and withstand the wrath of those who daily seek their destruction.  Be their shield not only in the promised land but in all nations where they are threatened so that as God promised their number shall be like the sands of the beach and the Lord our God shall be glorified through them.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord 


I think this would be a fine prayer for any Christian to say daily.