Hadar Goldin a Life Suddenly Without Value

Mr. Potter:You’re worth more dead than alive

It’s a Wonderful Life 1946

Batman: No Joker you’re playing the Wrong game, the Old game. Tonight you’re taking no Hostages. Tonight I’m taking no prisoners .

Batman the Dark Knight #3 1986

Any person who deals in commodities and the current owners of the Market Basket Chain can tell you that value is a fragile thing all dependent on time and circumstances.

For example: If a company might develop a drug for carpel tunnel syndrome and you make a compound used for that drug you would have a small niche market. If it turned out a side effect was to grow hair in men and remove body fat suddenly your compound would not only be more valuable but you likely couldn’t produce enough of it. If it turned out another side effect was impotence and an increased chance of stroke suddenly your product would not only be without value, but would be a liability.

This is basically what has happened to Lt. Hadar Goldin and is the reason why if he wasn’t dead on Friday he certainly is now.

It was a long established fact that a captured Israeli soldier was of great value to the various Palestinian terror groups. it not only demonstrated combat skill against the vaunted Israeli army but such a soldier as a hostage not only restrained Israel but was tradable for hundreds of their fellow terrorists. The last such solder was redeemed for 1000 enemies which is why Israel put such a premium of not getting captured.

Such was seemingly the case when Hadar Goldin was taken 90 minutes into the cease fire, Hamas was delighted at first to announce the capture

But suddenly the narrative changed.

Hamas which is pretty much fighting a a PR war with their own dead as props discovered that the media found violating a cease fire that was meant to allow the very relief that they demanded for their people, didn’t play well.

Suddenly the very people who were insisting Israel needed to honor the cease fire were all over Hamas, additionally Israel was incensed after giving into pressure for a cease fire the country already overwhelmingly in favor of the war promised an incredible prices for these actions. Israel’s attitude could be summed up in this teet via Legal Insurrection:

Hamas and their Palestinian mouthpieces were taken totally off guard and found themselves in full spin mode. Suddenly they had no idea what happened, they didn’t have any soldier and never captured him, and even if he WAS captured it was before the ceasefire and hey maybe these guys didn’t know about the cease fire.

Lt. Hadar Golden suddenly went from a captive that could be displayed as a triumph of Arab arms to a liability that had to be eliminated, at once.

Meanwhile the capture of Lt. Golden put Israel in an untenable position as well.

For all of the critique that Israel had taken they had pretty much succeeded in their primary objectives of taking out Hamas Tunnels and making it clear that neither the use of civilian homes, nor UN compounds were going to restrain Israel from taking out arms, munitions and those who use them.

But if you have the parents of a solder on TV holding up his picture, if you give the far left the argument that peace is necessary, not to save the Arabs but to rescue a brave young Jewish man serving his country suddenly you have an argument that not only might turn public opinion in the long run, but might stifle the offensive when they are on the verge of finishing the job.

That is the reality if Lt. Golden is a prisoner, how do you get around this problem? Like this:

At the news conference, Netanyahu answered questions about the missing soldier, 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, saying he intended to speak to his family later.

A few hours later, about 2 a.m. Sunday, the Israeli military announced that the missing soldier had been killed in action. Goldin was posthumously promoted to lieutenant, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said in a series of Twitter posts.

As a military decision declaring Lt. Golden dead publicly makes perfect sense. Suddenly the Israeli left and even his family do not have a lever to use to try to move the Israeli government. Meanwhile Hamas potential hold on Israel is gone, moreover even if Hamas actually has Lt. Golden this declaration sends a message to them that Israel isn’t playing the old game anymore, they’ve gone from the campy 60’s Batman, to the Dark Knight.

That’s the irony here,  Golden alive is a liability for Hamas and a problem for Israel, but if he is dead the problems for both are solved.

That’s why I think even if Lt. Golden was alive on Friday he isn’t anymore.

If you want a perfect illustration of the insanity that war produces, this is it.


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