How the next Jewish Holocaust will come

Over the last several years we have seen the rise of two distinct phenomena detrimental to Jews 1.  The increase of anti-semitic attacks on Jews particularly in Europe by a population with no living memory (or guilt) over the Holocaust  2.  The nations of the west declining to enforce their laws on their ever-increasing  Muslim immigrant … Continue reading How the next Jewish Holocaust will come

The Lego Movie and Common Core

By A.P. Dillon I've touched on the thematic connection between the Lego Movie and Common Core once before. Having just re-watched it with my oldest child, I wanted to revisit it.  We'll get to the comparison in a bit. First, for those not familiar with the plot, it deals with a 'Special' figure who will fulfill … Continue reading The Lego Movie and Common Core

Seven More Magnificent People

As you know I'm very proud of my Magnificent Seven writers who have been producing excellent content for this blog for 10 months now. Let me tell you right now, if I had a few more bucks to spend I'd be very happy to make it the Magnificent 14 because I'd love to have people … Continue reading Seven More Magnificent People

Becky Hammon meet Earl Weaver

The only thing Weaver knows about a curveball is that he couldn't hit one. Jim Palmer Some groundbreaking news from the world of sports: Becky Hammon, who is retiring this month from a 16-season playing career in the W.N.B.A., will join the San Antonio Spurs as an assistant coach next season, the N.B.A. team announced … Continue reading Becky Hammon meet Earl Weaver