Seven More Magnificent People

As you know I’m very proud of my Magnificent Seven writers who have been producing excellent content for this blog for 10 months now.

Let me tell you right now, if I had a few more bucks to spend I’d be very happy to make it the Magnificent 14 because I’d love to have people  like the Lonely Conservative: who warn us of political vermin

Aaron Wolf is a downstate New York businessman running for Congress in an upstate New York district. He’s probably hoping that voters in the 21st District don’t read the New York Daily News, because if they do they’ll be kind of grossed out about his business practices. Wolf owns two food establishments that have been cited numerous times for health violations, like the presence of vermin.

And Zilla of the Resistance who even though she is not feeling better: gets it unlike the president

He did not allow our troops to win the war, but he did certainly surrender when he announced that America would be giving up in and getting out of Iraq. Al Qaeda was on the run and all that crap, right? Yeah, OK. Let’s see how all that’s working out:

If I had the extra dough I’d hire Stacy McCain, I hear he writes for money:

Liberal feminists don’t give a damn about the rights of women like Dartmouth student Taylor Woolrich. Liberals want to deprive her of the only real security for women like her whose lives and safety are jeopardized by violent criminals. You see, Taylor Woolrich told her story yesterday at the annual conference of Students for Concealed Carry, and liberal feminists hate the Second Amendment.

Glenn Reynolds is right btw Stacy’s series of feminism really should be a book.

I’d hire the Right Wing Granny who was smart enough to leave Massachusetts and makes the single best case for voting GOP in the fall.

This stonewalling of the work of the IG’s is unprecedented. Unless Congress acts quickly, the actions of this administration will damage our representative republic irreparably.

In three months voters in America will go to the polls. You may love your Congressman, but if he is running interference for a corrupt administration, he needs to be voted out of office. Your freedom depends on it. Please vote carefully.

and Bob Belvedere who like me foolishly stays because somebody sane has to stay behind

That glorious invention, known as The United States Of America, was the most legitimate government ever conceived and implemented.  What we are living under now is not — in any way, shape, or form — that kind of government.  If it bears a resemblance to that form of government gifted to us by The Founders and by Nature’s God, it is only because the current regime is engaging in a grand masquerade, is setting-out to deceive it’s citizens into believing that it has any legitimacy.  It does not.

That last paragraph could have easily been about Massachusetts.

I’d toss in the Catholic Bandita who  notes the Bishop of San Pedro isn’t mimicking the open borders crowd

Our bishops in the United States should listen to Bishop Emiliani. Our bishops need to stop sending the message that these children are right to make this perilous journey. Our bishops need to join with Bishop Emiliani in saying that the countries of Central America must stand up and protect their children. It would be excellent if our bishops would stop taking money from the U.S. government to care for these children, as it is the duty of the U.S. government to send them back. Our bishops should encourage our government to do more to help Central America, not to spread the illusion that Central America is Satan and that the United States alone is Jesus.

Funny how he gets no press

And finally Elder of Zyon who gets down to the bottom line of what was happening in Gaza:

We had all of it on tape, but wrestled with the dilemma of what to do with it. Two considerations weighed on our mind. One, the fear which hobbles the reporting such material: fear of reprisals from Hamas against us and those who worked with us, fear of inviting an Israeli response on the spot (these have been known to miss). Two, we needed to be 100 % sure that this was a rocket launch site. So we did nothing, setting off on our assignment for the day, mulling over the material in our possession. 

Hey that reporters job isn’t to get himself killed but now that he is safely out the truth can be told.


Right now things are kind of lean here so we won’t be seeing any of these magnificent people contributing to DaTechGuy’s Blog, but you never know.