The Lego Movie and Common Core

By A.P. Dillon

I’ve touched on the thematic connection between the Lego Movie and Common Core once before. Having just re-watched it with my oldest child, I wanted to revisit it.  We’ll get to the comparison in a bit. First, for those not familiar with the plot, it deals with a ‘Special’ figure who will fulfill a prophecy to stop the evil Lord Business (later referred to as President Business) from using the ‘Kragle” by employing the “piece of resistance’ and halting the end of the Lego world as they know it.

The movie is hilarious and fantastic at engaging both kids and adults. The subtle humor inserted here and there keeps parents chuckling and the fast-paced nature of the action keeps the kids engaged. Plus, kids love Legos. Check out the trailer for a taste.

Now for the comparison.

President Business wants everything to be the same and stay the same; nice and tidy. Everyone has their role, everyone will do things the same. It’s his way for everyone or the highway, so conform while being told over and over  it’s what you should want — or in other words “everything is awesome“.  His tool of choice to make that happen is the ‘Kragle’, which we find out in the movie is ‘Krackle’, a superglue that will lock all the Lego structures into place.

President Business’s character  represents the corporate machine driving Common Core. So obsessed with making everything perfect that he misses the big picture – perfection is our  individuality and the creativity that comes with it. Stifling the world with the ‘Kragle’ (Common Core) means missing out on who we are and what we can do.  We can stop that.


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