By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT — Steve Eggleston wrote earlier this week on this blog about the fast approaching death of newsprint and reported on several media spin-off deals.  It’s an interesting read.

The fall of the newspaper is sad to me.  With it comes the fall of the old-fashioned journalist.  The newspaper guy.  The shoe-leather-journalist is the guy with the steno pad in his hand, or a note pad in his shirt pocket along with a couple of pens.  He’s probably got a tape recorder in his other hand, or maybe an app downloaded on his phone that records.  True journalism is a dying art.

Some, like Stacy McCain, continue to plug away at it and are willing to jump in the car and go wherever the story takes them.  It’s a dying art.

With the fall of the newspaper we rely now on digital media for our news, for the most part.  The internet has replaced the thick newspaper that used to lie at your curb every morning.  Remember paper boys?  They rode bikes with canvas bags over their handlebars; the bags were loaded down with newspapers they had picked up at a drop-off point somewhere.  Eventually, as America spread out into suburbs, the paperboy on a bike was replace with a paperboy in a car.  I was nearly decapitated one morning as our delivery guy whizzed my Sunday edition over the roof of his car with lethal accuracy.

I loved settling down to a real newspaper every morning with a cup of coffee, the ink smearing my fingertips black.  I used to read three papers a day – I subscribed to our local paper, the USA Today, and The New York Times.  That’s back when they were all worth reading.  I’m dating myself.

A couple of weeks ago I bought my first local paper in probably three years.  It was smaller than I remember – much smaller.  It was thinner, too.  In fact, I did a double take through the paper to be sure it was all there.  Once I removed the grocery store circulars and the box store ads, there wasn’t much left to see.  Even worse, the whole thing cost three times more than it did three years ago.

From a practical perspective, it makes perfect sense why the physical newspaper is fast becoming a relic from the past.  In a world where news breaks on Twitter in 140-characters, where Drudge plays with our perception of the news, and where Facebook makes sharing stories instantaneous, how in the world could a lowly newspaper compete?

Be that as it may, I still miss the paper and ink.

You might as well praise me for not robbing banks.

Bobby Jones on being praised for calling a foul on himself costing him the 1925 US Open.

Brooke: (To Lois, a plain girl) Well if you really wanna to be popular consider two little words: ‘Sex Tape’!

Mindy Macready: (Interrupting) Lois you don’t need these ax wounds, If I can dress like them so can you.

KickAss 2 2013

Supermodel Kate Upton has a gift to all those young women who since the dawn of the internet and smartphones have been convinced that getting naked in front of an electronic advice is a good idea: a dose of common sense:

with social media and the internet and not-so-great blogs and the attention like that, I don’t think that my pictures would be received in the way that I’d want them to be received,” she continued. “That’s why I’ve stayed away from them. I really appreciate those photos and I think those women are beautiful, but I think social media and the Internet has prevented me from putting myself out there like that.

Miss Upton has come to the quite logical conclusion that best way to make sure that nude images of yourself are not being promulgated on the net for purposes she object to till the end of time…is to avoid posing for nude pictures!

So if you are a young lady and some guy suggests “sexting” & your friends say it is a cool thing to do, remember Kate Upton warning,  take it to heart and you won’t have to explain those pictures to your son or grandson or potential employer someday.

Via Live at Five which you really should check out daily

Closing thought, how far have we fallen as a culture that a popular model/actress choosing not to propagate nude photos of herself on the net is an action unique enough to deserves praise?

Update:  The movie is of course Kickass not “kissass” corrected