Nostalgic for Newsprint

By:  Pat Austin SHREVEPORT -- Steve Eggleston wrote earlier this week on this blog about the fast approaching death of newsprint and reported on several media spin-off deals.  It’s an interesting read. The fall of the newspaper is sad to me.  With it comes the fall of the old-fashioned journalist.  The newspaper guy.  The shoe-leather-journalist … Continue reading Nostalgic for Newsprint

Kate Upton gets it

You might as well praise me for not robbing banks. Bobby Jones on being praised for calling a foul on himself costing him the 1925 US Open. Brooke: (To Lois, a plain girl) Well if you really wanna to be popular consider two little words: 'Sex Tape'! Mindy Macready: (Interrupting) Lois you don't need these … Continue reading Kate Upton gets it