I’m a Democrat & I Approve of Drunk DAs

Hacker: He’ll have to resign.
Sir Humphrey: Alas, yes.
James Hacker: What will happen to him?
Sir Humphrey Appleby: Well, I gather he was as drunk as a lord. So, after a discreet interval, they’ll probably make him one.

Yes Minister: Party Games 1984


While Powerline suggests conservatives should rally around Rick Perry after his indictment for abuse of power


Conservatives should respond to this indictment by rallying around Perry. The indictment is a bad joke, intended simply to generate negative publicity. As with the bogus DeLay indictment from the same source, years may go by before it is finally proved baseless. In the meantime, conservatives should stand behind Perry and denounce the politically-motivated machinations of Texas Democrats.


I have to disagree.

After all how DARE the Governor of Texas suggest that something has harmless as this:

or this

is grounds for resignation for a public official entrusted with enforcing our laws, including those on drunk driving.

It’s a clear cut case of discrimination against the sobriety challenged. Perhaps in addition to the indictment of Rick Perry for “coercive use of a veto” a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act might be in order as well!

All kidding aside in a world where the comic culture was not a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party such a move would not be contemplated simply for the Saturday Night Live sketches it would produce, but with their low info voter base and the media protecting them, the targeted voter will never hear more than the words “Rick Perry Indicted”

If I was the GOP party chair in Texas and in every other state I would make Democrats go on record in support of retaining Drunken DA’s. I would press every single democrat running for office in the country on this issue and make them own it.

Closing thought: If I was Brett Kimberlin I’d move to Travis County Texas and send in a Resume to the DA’s office ASAP. I suspect he would fit right in.

Update: An excellent question from Byron York:

and a fellow on twitter notes a possible reason why Democrats in Travis County circled the wagons:


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