A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

The noted Political Philosopher Dr. Russell Kirk wrote a book called The Roots of American Order (1974).  Dr. Kirk espoused the belief that a safe and stable “Societal-Order” precedes a society’s or a nation’s ability to grow, expand, or to produce cultural innovation. Dr. Kirk was described as a “Paleo-Conservative”; Mr. Kirk was an exponent … Continue reading A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven

Jackie Chan gets it right

It's very likely you missed this story concerning Jackie Chan son who was caught up in a drug sting in China Chan's son was caught in a huge drug crackdown last week -- with cops saying they found about 3.5 ounces of the green stuff in Jaycee's Beijing home. In China the drug laws are … Continue reading Jackie Chan gets it right

Biometrics and the police state

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz Venezuela, sliding further into Cuban-like totalitarian Communism, faces severe food shortages. Take a look at the lines at a food distribution center: Distributing scarcity: the daily trials to get food at regime's distribution centers. pic.twitter.com/F7BzgagIrf @Yusnaby @ElPoliTwico — daniel duquenal (@danielduquenal) August 20, 2014 What next? Venezuela Proposes Fingerprinting Grocery Shoppers … Continue reading Biometrics and the police state

An Incredible Unnoticed Gift

Earlier this week on twitter I had suggested prayer in response to Ferguson and one of the responses to that was this tweet. @DaTechGuyblog because prayer does what for that community? Separate your hands and do something instead of sitting on them.— THEREALTRUTH (@TrashofFacebook) August 20, 2014 Today I saw something that spoke volumes about … Continue reading An Incredible Unnoticed Gift