“Give me the Grace to Be Radical”

My friend Stacy McCain has just put up his latest post in a series about radical feminists:

No one is surprised to learn that the woman who organized SlutWalk Chicago is a Gender Studies graduate of the University of Illinois-Chicago. Parading around in your panties to protest against “rape culture” may seem crazy to normal people, but normal people don’t major in Gender Studies. Normal people don’t want to “Smash Patriarchy” or “F–k the System,” either.

I highly recommend his entire series, but if Stacy wants see some really radical women who don’t care one fig about what other people think or say about them as they express their femininity this is it:

Via Father Z whose post started thus:

Dear Fr. Z,I am entering my sophomore year at Christendom College, and I recently made an 8 minute video on the chapel veil to explain why women wear it and to encourage women to wear it. I think you would appreciate the content and the quality. If you like it, perhaps you can share it with the women who read your blog.

I have two sons 23 & 21, If they brought home a woman as strong and faithful as the young lady in this video I would happy.