The Rotherham Scandal Questions the Media will not Ask

It looks like the Rotherham scandal where 1400+ girls were sexually abused in the town of Rotherham UK over the course of a decade that we mentioned yesterday has broken through blogs and media everywhere causing labor and their allies on the left to insist this has absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

While the press and the pols are ducking and covering the people are rather upset, this tweet from a British Comic sums it up.

There are plenty of pieces and links on the subject including the base report but there is a question that needs to be asked that I’ve set to see addressed. According to the Independent inquiry a conservative estimate of the number of victims is 1400 girls over the course of 17 years where “by far the majority of perpetrators ” were from the Pakistani community which consists of less than 8% of the local population.

While the counselors either through fear, denial or by direct orders from their superiors, avoided approaching members of the community concerning these events, given the number years this went on, the incredible number of victims and the knowledge of the involvement of men in the Pakistani community by the counselors it would seem highly unlikely that a significant number of people of said community, while not directly involved in these crimes were unaware of what was going on.

So my questions are these:

How many of the people in the Pakistani community of Rotherham knew what was going on and did or said nothing and why?

Is there any evidence that any members of the Pakistani community who knew these crimes where going on took steps to cover them up and did any such attempts involve threats or intimidation?

Unless these questions are asked and the Pakistani/Islamic community makes it a point to answer these questions (even if the press chooses to avoid asking them) this is going to permanently mark the Pakistani/Islamic community in the eyes of Englishmen.

It’s your call.

Update: Insty tweets:

I suspect it’s less of a question of “suddenly springing up everywhere” as much as the dam being broken and people being willing to say it aloud without fear.


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