Market Basket Timing is everything

Dr. Peter Venkman: If I’m wrong, nothing happens! We go to jail – peacefully, quietly. We’ll enjoy it! But if I’m *right*, and we *can* stop this thing… Lenny, you will have saved the lives of millions of registered voters.

Ghostbusters 1984

Van Helsing:   Gentlemen, we are fortunate! 
Dr. Seward:   Why? 
Van Helsing:   He’s an imbecile!

Dracula Dead and Loving it 1995


Yesterday after my initial visit to my local Market Basket I went back at about Noon.  By that time the two registers that had been open when I left became 4 and gallons of bottled water that were not there at 8 AM were present as were deliveries of fresh bread and rolls.  After leaving there I visited the Market Basket on John Fitch Highway in Fitchburg where they were well stocked on cereal, juices and actually had some wraps in stock but little or no meat,  However 5 registers were ringing away and an associate told me she was never so happy bagging groceries in her life.

That sense of pure joy came from the timing.  A year ago that same young lady might have been tried or bored or upset she didn’t’ have a bagger handy but with the return of Arthur T Demoulas in command and the victory of the Market Basket Workers suddenly this was no longer an issue.  Timing made all the difference.

And while nobody is talking about it timing was a big factor in the workers Market Basket win.

By all logic the workers had no business winning this fight.  Arthur S. being as rich as he is could have held out for months and sustained losses, the customers  honoring of the boycott would slowly get tired of it or allow themselves to rationalize violating it, and the individual workers needing to support families likely couldn’t have managed a work action that extended into the New England heating season.

But there was another season that played into this fight, election season.

For weeks Deval Patrick made it a point to stay out of this fight, even when people at the rallies were hitting him over it Deval Patrick stayed away.

Then the part timers lost their jobs, 20,000 workers out of work, and double that number or more of their families affected by that change.

Suddenly the prospect of 20,000 to 40,000 voters in two states controlled by Democrats going to the polls angry with an election less than 90 days away was a reality.

And so Governor Patrick and Gov Hassan of New Hampshire decided to get involved.

We don’t know how much pressure they applied or sway they had (although if a movie about this is made you can count on left leaning hollywood making it decisive) but in the end a deal was reached and now those tens of thousands of voters going to the polls in those two democrat controlled states owe a debt of gratitude to two Democrat governors.

Arthur S. and his side of the family must be  are kicking themselves because for not waiting until December to make their move, I suspect with heating bills to pay for the workers and no voters to face by the pols the outcome might have been very different.

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