Some Advice for the Muslim Sgt. Schultzs of Rotherham

Sgt. Schultz:  I see nothing, I hear nothing I didn’t even get up this morning

Hogan’s Heroes:  Hold That Tiger 1965

Webster:  I said shut up you fat Nazi Fuck!

German Baker:  Ich-ich bin kein Nazi.  Ich bin kein Nazi!

Webster:  Not a Nazi?  My mistake you fat, fucking prick!  How about a human being?  Are you one of those or are you gonna tell me that you never smelled the fucking stench?

Band of Brothers Why We Fight 2001


A few days ago I posted some questions on Rotherham that the media has avoided asking, those questions are summed up neatly in this tweet.

The responses to that tweet from Muslims were enlightening and but there was one in particular that I found amusing

As a  person of Sicilian ancestry let me say, as a matter of fact to some extent they do.

The Muslims of Rotherham are in basically the same position as the Sicilians in a NY or Chicago circa 1920-1950 or the Irish in south Boston during the height of the Bulger years.

To people outside of the neighborhoods, they were all the same, a bunch of crooks involved in the rackets. The people of those areas resented that they were tarred with the same brush as a bunch of gangsters who they had nothing to do with when they just wanted to get on with their lives.

But while the rackets didn’t involve them they knew who the gangsters were, and the kind of things they did.  They knew where they lived and the businesses they owned, they knew the places to avoid and the people not to mess with and warned their kids against them.

They even heard the rumors that were whispered when a shop was robbed or busted up, when something happened to a girl or when someone went missing and turned up dead somewhere but only talked of them in passing.

But once in a while something would happen right out in the street where you couldn’t help but see it and couldn’t pretend it was anything more than talk but when that did happen and the police came by, nobody saw anything, nobody said nothing.

They gave themselves many excuses to justify their silence: solidarity with their own kind, the police were corrupt outsiders who were against them, feeling sorry for the guy’s poor wife, kids or mother that they knew and that a rat was the lowest form of life there was.

They told themselves all those things because they didn’t have the courage to admit, even to themselves, the real reasons for their silence: The fear of the judgement of their neighbors and the retaliation of the thugs once the police were gone.

So they wrapped their cowardice into nobility and things didn’t change.

and that brings us to this piece in the Daily Mail:

Pakistani community leaders in Rotherham were complicit in hushing up the shocking ‘ethnic’ dimensions of the sexual exploitation rather than speaking out, it was claimed yesterday.

Parveen Qureshi, director of the United Multicultural Centre in Rotherham, revealed the shocking issue was widely discussed between leaders who were privately ‘trying to resolve the problem’.

She refused to name those who kept quiet, but was certain the problem of Asian men abusing white girls was known ‘for a long time’.

It takes courage to speak up to tell the truth and break that code of silence, it takes guts to free your neighborhoods of that kind of thing. The Muslim community has two choices. They can look at this problem and tackle it head on, or they can deny, dissemble or deflect saying the focus should be on the victims.

The decision they make will determine how their community and their sons are perceived by the British public for generations, make the wrong choice and the community will end up with the credibility of German civilians in 1946 insisting to British soldiers stationed there they had no idea the death camps existed

May you have joy in the choice you make.

Update: Related via HotAir Headlines: Where are the marches against The Islamic State?:

Sadly, mainstream Muslims have no choice but to come to terms with the fact that groups of people are car-bombing, shooting, starving, kidnapping and beheading people in the name of Islam — not to mention blowing up churches and mosques. Where is the anger? Is it possible that the marches in support of Palestinians are well-attended because Muslims hate Israel more than we hate criminal gangs who have hijacked the narrative of our religion?

The decision before the community is this: Either we reject the Islamic State and groups like it in the clearest possible terms, or we allow them to become the face of Muslims. When we say “It’s not Islam,” we are dismissing the criminals as someone else’s problem. The truth is, nobody else is going to deal with them. It might seem easier to evade this responsibility, but the price of doing so will be heavy. Because, to the rest of the world, that horrific picture is what Muslims have become. If we don’t do something now, that image will be the world’s perception of us for years to come.

Of course it could be that her fellow muslims, despite pro-forma statements actually support those guys. I wonder if Yasmine Bahrani considered the possibility?


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