The Latest of my reviews of the Peter Capaldi Era of Doctor Who (a few days late due to Comcast)

Summary: Is there such a thing as a Good Dalek?  or a Good Doctor?

Plot:  The Doctor saves a soldier about to be killed by the Daleks, and is asked by her commanders if they can heal a wounded Dalek who has apparently turned Good,   He pops over to pick up Clara from work where she is flirting with a teacher named Danny Pink and with a team from the ship are miniaturized & injected into the Dalek.  Can they heal and save this “good” Dalek and if they do will it still be good when they are done?


Writing:  As a rule I don’t care for Dalek stories and they don’t really impress me as a villain but Steven Moffat & Phil Ford  managed to do something great with it.  The whole concept of what is good and what is evil comes into play without sacrificing any of the action that a Dalek episode implies.  It also emphasizes the new style and thought process of this incarnation of the Doctor without sacrificing wit.  I’m really starting to think that while River Song is the character that has been in Moffat’s head nearly forever this is the incarnation of the Doctor he’s dreamed of all his life.  I’m hoping to see more than the “broken solder” when it comes from Danny Pink and I found myself waiting for the School Secretary to say “Nudge Nudge wink wink say no more” but all of that stuff will likely be resolved over the next few episodes.

Acting:  I have a feeling that this section is going to be rather repetitive until Capaldi does something wrong or stupid.  For the 2nd episode in a row he doesn’t put a foot wrong.  He remains the best part of the this season and  has Moffat’s 12th Doctor down cold.  Jenna Coleman meanwhile proves she isn’t limited by which doctor she is with to shine. As I said  Samuel Anderson’s Danny Pink is almost stereotypical as the solder with regret but does an OK job with it.  The rest of the cast from Zawa Ashton to Michelle Morris do yeoman’s work and Laura Dos Santos takes her one big scene and runs with it to the point where you are delighted to see her have a cup of tea.

Memorable Moments:  Please and thank you, what are you children?,I  bet you did, , You’re my hobby,  I was  saving us, I see Hatred, you passed the test.

Doctor Who Flashbacks:  Shades of both Journey’s End (10th Doctor) II have seen the Dalek & Evil of the Daleks (2nd Doctor) making good Daleks in this plot.

Oddities: Why would a Dalek have an area for dead people or things?  If this is basically a Dalek’s waste does that mean Daleks have to eat and if so what?

Pet Peeves:  I seem to recall the Doctor was quite fond of soldiers his best friend being some guy named the Brigadier.

Even with the element of surprise Rusty had no business outfighting all those others.

Great Quote(s):

The Doctor:  What are those ones for? I don’t need armed baby-sitters. 
Gretchen:  We’re not baby-sitters.
Ross: We’re here to shoot you dead if you turn out to be a Dalek spy. 
The Doctor: Well, that’s a relief. I hate baby-sitters


Gretchen:   Tell me the truth. Is he mad, or is he right? I’ve come this far. Probably going to die anyway. Wouldn’t mind something to do for the rest of my life. Is he mad, or is he right?

Clara: Hand on my heart? Most days he’s both. 

Gretchen:  One question, then. Is this worth it? 

The Doctor: If I can turn one Dalek, I can turn them all. I can save the future. 

Gretchen:  Gretchen Alison Carlisle. Do something good and name it after me. 

The Doctor:   I will do something amazing, I promise. 

Gretchen:  Damn well better. 


The Doctor:   I saved your life, Rusty. Now I’m going to go one better. I’m going to save your soul. 
Rusty the Dalek:   Daleks do not have souls.
The Doctor:  Oh, no? Imagine if you did. What then, Rusty? What would happen then? 


The Doctor:  See, all those years ago, when I began, I was just running. I called myself the Doctor, but it was just a name. And then I went to Skaro. And then I met you lot and I understood who I was. The Doctor was not the Daleks

Final Verdict: Five stars.  Unusual for the 2nd episode of a Doctor to be this good.  The job of a 2nd episode is to keep you from being let down after a premiere and keep you wanting more, Into the Dalek does the job in spades.

Ranking of Season: 1st of two.   Anxious to see what the crew is going to offer to knock it off.

1.  Into the Dalek
2. Deep Breath

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

For his Labor Day speech, President Obama floated the concept of “immigration rights“:

Cynicism is a bad choice. Hope is the better choice. Hope is what gives us courage. Hope is what gave soldiers courage to storm a beach. Hope is what gives young people the strength to march for women’s rights, and worker’s rights, and civil rights, and voting rights, and gay rights, and immigration rights.

Let’s go back fifty years or so, to the days when union activist Cesar Chavez was advocating farmworkers’ rights:

Mr. Chavez, perhaps the best-known Mexican-American activist, fought for better wages and conditions for workers but held complex and evolving views on the status of unauthorized immigrants, some of which would be at odds with the changes many Hispanics and others are seeking today.

What the NYT reporter euphemistically calls “complex and evolving views” was decades-long opposition,

These days, Chávez is revered among Mexican-American activists and others as a civil rights figure. Yet that’s not who he was. Chavez was primarily a labor leader, and so one of his main concerns was keeping illegal immigrants from competing with and undercutting union members either by accepting lower wages or crossing picket lines. When he pulled workers out of the field during a strike, the last thing he wanted was a crew of illegal immigrant workers showing up to do those jobs and take away his leverage.

So Chavez decided to do something about it. According to numerous historical accounts, Chavez ordered union members to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service and report illegal immigrants who were working in the fields so that they could be deported. Some UFW officials were also known to picket INS offices to demand a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Exactly what does Obama mean by immigration rights? asks John Hinderaker

Legally, of course, no one has a right to violate our immigration laws, whether the Obama administration enforces them or not. So what does the president have in mind here? It seems clear that Obama isn’t suggesting that immigrants are somehow being denied their actual rights under American law. Certainly he made no such explicit claim. Rather, his point appears to be that some people–not everyone in the world presumably, but some unspecified group of people–have a “right” to enter the United States, or stay here, even though it is illegal to do so under U.S. law, as long as Barack Obama opposes the law in question.

“Immigration rights”, for whom? It doesn’t matter, as long as Obama’s talking points are repeated.

For a Labor Day speech, however, it’s worth remembering that Chavez recognized that flooding the labor market with low-wage, low-skill laborers worked against his unionized farmworkers.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American news, politics and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

I’ve been joking a bit about Celebgate because compared to Rotherham it’s almost not worth talking about however it certainly gets the attention of the low information voter (think Donna Noble before her time with the 10th Doctor).

However in the Daily Mail’s latest piece included a tweet that raises some interesting questions


Now except for the fact she is alive and not made of cloth I couldn’t tell Mary Winstead from a dead muppet but if this statement is correct and her nude photos/videos/whatever on 4chan were “long deleted ” that raises some interesting possibilities

1. The penetration of the iCloud servers have been ongoing for a long time even before she deleted these file and were only revealed when these photos & videos went up. That implies a larger data breach than you think.

2. The penetration of the iCloud servers backups (which would likely contain long deleted files that a person might want back, have been compromised. That would be a colossal data breach meaning all kinds of things you thought safely deleted are in thee guys hands.

3. The engineers at iCloud have been creating some unauthorized backups of files they enjoy such as nude photo/videos/whatever of their favorite celebs like Mary Winstead. That would be fairly easy both to do & to hide and if so the amount of such nude data out there likely dwarfs what’s already been released

4. The hackers download the entire iCloud server and took the time to rebuild said nude/sex photos/videos/whatever.  That means that just about everything that has been on the cloud belongs to them

All of these except for #3  have serious implications for anyone who has ever uploaded any data on remote iCloud servers.

The assumption has been this is all about some geeks wanting to see people like Ms. Winstead, Upton et/al either naked or having sex and one should not underestimate the drive of a geek who desires such a thing.

But what if this is more about a wider data breach, and the leak of these photos was by some idiots in the gang not thinking.  That would basically mean that any data you had on the cloud at any time doesn’t belong to you anymore.

So let me repeat my warning of yesterday concerning the security of your cloud data it’s only as secure as

A  ratio of the most careless employee of the company(s) that maintains the network vs the willingness and ability of the smartest hacker trying to steal it

use it at your own risk.

Closing thought:  If these guys are able to both hack systems & recover lost data like this I see why this Administration got the FBI on the job so quick.  Can’t risk those Lois Lerner emails being found.