As I’ve made clear for a long time my preference in the NH GOP senate primary is someone other than Scott Brown (If I had a vote it would go to Senator Bob Smith) but this piece at Talking points memo is absolutely ridiculous.

Instead, he said, his job is to get the government out of the way.

Brown made the comments at a town hall in Hudson, New Hampshire on Wednesday. The comments were flagged by the opposition research shop American Bridge 21st Century. His comments were in response to a question about what he would to do bring jobs to New Hampshire.

“Here’s the thing, people say, what are you going to do to create jobs? I am not going to create one job, it is not my job to create jobs. It’s yours,” Brown said. “My job is to make sure that government stays out of your way so that you can actually grow and expand. Obamacare’s a great example. The number one job inhibitor is Obamacare.

While on Memeorandum this piece has gotten little interest… (Which begs the question how it made Memeorandum)


…MSNBC’s Morning Joe thought it significant enough to play the video

and as you can see it Barnicle treated as a gaffe and nobody called him on it.

Now as any person with any sense who knows even basic economics knows Brown is exactly right. It’s not the government who creates jobs. They can make policies that help or hinder the job growth but the only way the government “creates” a job is to take money away from the actual job creators or the wages of those they pay.

Yet the Democrats, even with a RCP avg showing Shaheen at nearly 50% in a Matchup vs Scott Brown


thinks so little of their base that they expect to win votes with this story.

If that’s not a reason for the sensible people of NH to abandon Shaheen, I’d like to know what is?

Exit question: If the GOP candidate isn’t polling better than 42% despite a big campaign chest & support from the national party, might it be a better idea to nominate a candidate that likewise knows the Government doesn’t create jobs but won’t cause the pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment base to stay home?

By A.P. Dillon

Last week, I have an update on the status of replacing Common Core in North Carolina. To recap, from the looks of it, North Carolina’s Governor and State Superintendent are counting on the State Board of Education to shrug off the Academic Standards Review Commission’s (ASRC) work and go with a rebrand.  I’d like to hope I’m wrong in that assessment, but that seems to be what they’re saying.

Going a step further, NC’s DPI is unhappy about not having a seat at the table for the standards review. The NC Superintendent has decided she’s going to hold her own commission. We see the same thing happening in Missouri.

Power Play
State Boards of Education wield a lot of power, which is why watchdogging the ASRC will be paramount for North Carolina citizens. Mary Grabar has picked up on the theme of State Boards of Education being used as tools to keep Common Core in place:

Go to one state school board meeting and you will see and hear how much board members toe the line from the federal Department of Education, as they grasp for federal funds.  I found this out by attending a meeting in Georgia in November where I heard a long-winded sales pitch for the Georgia Family Engagement Conference, an activity pursuant to the “Parental Engagement” section of the federal Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, where only pro-Common Core speakers were allowed.  In contrast, five citizens were allowed three minutes apiece to make their case against Common Core at the state school board meeting.

As if “parental engagement” weren’t Orwellian enough, the upcoming annual meeting of the National State Boards of Education (NASBE), “a non-profit association that represents state and territorial boards of education,” has as its theme, “Leaders Learning from Leaders.”   The agenda is full of Common Core buzzwords, like “career readiness,” “digital learning,” and “teacher evaluation.”

Terms like “career readiness,” “digital learning,” and “teacher evaluation” seem to be dripping from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the McCrory administration in North Carolina.

It’s Not Over 
The fight is not over. Not by a long shot. North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Dan Forest has been fighting Common Core from the start. In a recent Fay Observer op-ed, he’s restated his opposition and has called for citizens to get involved and to keep tabs on the ASRC – AND the State Board of Education.

It is important to know that every North Carolina resident is represented by six members of the State Board of Education (two elected officials, three at-large members and one district representative).

The members of the state school board are William Cobey, chairman and member at large; A.L. Collins, vice chairman, from the 5th Education District; Dan Forest, lieutenant governor; Janet Cowell, state treasurer; Rebecca Taylor, 1st Education District; Reginald Kenan, 2nd Education District; Kevin Howell, 3rd Education District; Dr. Olivia Holmes Oxendine, 4th Education District; John Tate, 6th Education District; Gregory Alcorn, 7th Education District; Wayne McDevitt, 8th Education District; Marcella Savage, member at large; Patricia Willoughby, member at large; and Dr. June Atkinson, state superintendent of public instruction, chief administrative officer and secretary.

All meetings of the Academic Standards and Review Commission are required by law to be public. Likewise, meetings of the State Board of Education are also open to the public.

I encourage those of you opposed to Common Core to communicate with the members of the review commission and the State Board of Education through email, phone calls or mail, or face-to-face. Express to them your desire that they exercise the authority given to them to repeal Common Core with the best standards in the world, made specifically for the children in North Carolina.

The battle is not over. In many ways, it is just beginning.

Keeping both the ASRC and the State Board of Education accountable to public meeting laws is crucial. Transparency that was non-existent with the adoption and implementation of Common Core in North Carolina cannot be repeated. To help with keeping up with the commission, I’ve begun profiles on the House and Senate appointees which can be accessed hereThese profiles will be updated as needed and when contact information for the ASRC has been designated.

I urge citizens in North Carolina to get involved, to speak out and to keep all parties honest by keeping them on task to replace Common Core and not to rebrand it in North Carolina.

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AP DillonA.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon recently participated in Glenn Beck’sWe Will Not Conform. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Today if you go to CNN, MSNBC & even Fox you will find stories about the McStrike where fast food workers are DEMANDING that McDonalds pay them $15 an hour for making burgers.

While said “strike” is getting plenty of play in media it’s a different story if you actually go to a McDonalds that is not in the range of their cameras, like say Fitchburg



If you go to places like this you will find that the workers, the management and the customers would have absolutely no idea any of this was going on if it wasn’t for CNN playing on the TV (because God forbid we get a bite to eat without cable playing).

So in honor of this media created BS I’m putting up this post complete with my own McSelfie risking the wrath of the SEIU and 4chan hackers everywhere.

I invite you to do the same.

Exit question, what are the odds the MSM will give next years March For Life which draws tens of thousands in the dead of winter the same coverage they give this?  I’d say about equal to the odds any sane McDonalds owner will start paying $15 an hour to flip burgers.

Update: Oddly enough the same people lionizing this strike didn’t jump at my three step process to prove you can make profits available to business paying $15 an hour:

1. Acquire a fast food franchise, here is info on McDonaldsBurger Kingand Wendy’s a tad more expensive than McD or BK:

2. Hire Workers at $15 dollars an hour, in this economy this should be a piece of cake.

3. Watch the money pour in.

I wonder why?

Update 2: My McSelfie Video


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Spock:Captain, I must have some platinum. A small block would be sufficient, five or six pounds. By passing certain circuits through there to be used as a duo-dynetic field core…

Capt. Kirk: [interrupting] Uh, Mr. Spock, I’ve brought you some assorted vegetables, baloney and a hard roll for myself, and I’ve spent the other nine tenths of our combined salaries for the last three days on filling this order for you. Mr. Spock, this bag does not contain platinum, silver or gold, nor is it likely to in the near future.

Spock: Captain, you’re asking me to work with equipment which is hardly very far ahead of stone knives and bearskins.

 Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever 1967 1967

Public business must be done by somebody. If wise men decline it, others will not; if honest men refuse it, others will not.

 John Adams.

This election cycle Granite Grok was very miserly giving out endorsements.  The big one being Bob Smith in the GOP Senate Primary.

The Groksters, writers / activists, have decided that Bob Smith is that person and who represents our values most closely and someone that we can lend one of our most valuable assets that we have as Citizens – our votes. In a representative democracy, our Constitutional Republic, there can be no higher accolade than to say “we believe you can do the job” and do so within the constraints of what the Constitution allows you to do as one that will be directing that level of Government. We believe that he is best suited to not only carry those values forward but also resist those that are infected with “Potomac Flu” – the philosophy that “Government knows best and should legislate our behavior”, and that special interest groups that “rent seek” from the Feds in “benefit for the few at the expense of the many”.

I wholeheartedly 2nd the Grok’s nomination of Senator Smith.

Grok declined to endorse in the congressional races and only gave endorsements in two state races. I disagree there, in NH 2nd district I like both Gary Lambert & Marelinda Garcia & either would make a fine addition to congress, but while Col Lambert is a solid choice I think however that Marelinda Garcia is someone special with great potential for the future.

This is, however  to the Groksters about conservatism. They are not about to endorse non conservatives, particularly in a primary, nor waste time and efforts on people who are not going to get the job done or get along to go along. Many republicans feel the same and right now the GOP is starting to get worried because an election cycle that they should own is not looking like a wave after all.  :

There are only seven Democrat-held districts that Mitt Romney carried in 2012 and only 19 others that President Obama won by fewer than double digits. That certainly leaves room for GOP growth, but in a normal wave year (like 2010, for example), you see dozens and dozens of winnable seats. For the GOP to expand the map beyond 20-25 winnable seats would take a massive wave.

As the GOP discovers their prospect for a wave are dropping the NH GOP sent out a letter urging the GOP to turn out after the primaries are over:

Vote in the general election for the Republican candidate, even if they were not who you voted for in the primary election. Staying home and/or not voting for a specific candidate/office is the same as voting for their opponent.

the letter further pointed out that if GOP voters didn’t stay home we wouldn’t have Barack Obama in office today.

about 31 million Republicans stayed home. If just 20% (6 million) of those had gone to the polls and voted for Romney, the outcome would have been different, we would have a much better individual in the White House and our country would be far better off than it is today.

That’s a pretty powerful argument, but Skip is having none of it:

Yup, scapegoating their voters – good job on gaining and influencing “friends”. You didn’t give those 31 million Republicans a good enough reason TO vote – and you are blaming them?

And demands better candidates if we expect him to turn out:

fix your brand first.  Hint: let’s hear the Brand Manager and Protector, NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn lambast “her own” (e.g., the Rogue Republicans in the NH Senate that pushed through the Democrat Agenda) first.  Let us know of your ire in how THEY spoiled the brand and that you are the person that is gonna fix this.

He has a real point Mitt Romney didn’t just avoid giving a reason for those GOP voters to turn out he This is an argument that I made the week of Barack Obama’s re-election when the Romney campaign was willing to treat Barack Obama with kid gloves during the general while playing hardball vs conservatives :

 there was the Mitt Romney of the primaries. The Mitt Romney that was willing to play hardball against his GOP foes, who was willing to confront them, attack them and go after them. That was the Mitt Romney who had no problem playing with the rules at state and national conventions to lock out Ron Paul voters who had learned the rules and played by them and then tossed them aside. This Mitt Romney and his team played hardball with conservatives figuring “Where are you going to go?”

The letter from the GOP suggest they might in This type of behavior had predictable results

In the words of Obama’s spiritual advisor (paraphrased):  NH GOP’s  “…chickens are coming home to roost!” The NH GOP is scared that people are going to not bother with the top of the ticket and that traditionally means that the down ticket candidates suffer. 

It’s the very problem I warned them about back in March

This has to be addressed NOW. Scott Brown & the NH GOP’s problem is a lot like Mitch McConnell at CPAC he needs to address the elephant in the room which are his positions on life and guns because as of today those NH Republicans will not turn up and vote for Senator Brown in a general election. And if they don’t forget a senate seat in Washington, if they stay home the NHGOP can kiss the prospect of taking back the state house and senate goodbye in a year where Democrats in the state are running scared.

This is a problem of the NH GOP’s own making and it mimics the national GOP’s problem.

Skip is absolutely right, the New Hampshire GOP has not earned the respect of conservatives like him so they have a lot of nerve after kicking them in the balls to ask him for their support post primary for candidates that don’t appeal to their palate in the least….

….so I imagine it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the people who have read up to this point that that’s exactly what I’m going to urge Skip and my fellow conservatives in NH & elsewhere to do.  I’m urging them to support the GOP nominees in the state and federal elections whoever they are. Why?  Because while Skip’s point is strong it has a fatal flaw:

It’s like going to the store – why buy an inferior product when one was looking for excellence? Humphreys sounds like the Party is entitled to my vote simply because there is an R associated with my name.

Actually it not.  During the Market Basket work action I was able to boycott Market Basket because there were other sources of food & supplies available for me to get the basics from so I could do without. An election is not like that.  A candidate is going to be chosen, as John Adams put it:   Public business must be done by someone and if you decide to give the power to the democrats they will take it.

It’s like those feminists who object to that date rape fingernail polish.  No matter how principled your objections to it are, no matter how much you complain that you shouldn’t have to use such a product if you want to go drinking, that will be of little comfort if you wake up next to some strange bed wondering how you got there.

Conservatives are damn fools if they give power to liberal democrats because the republicans are asses. So what is the proper answer is Chip’s solution is not viable, well an excellent suggestion came from his compatriot Mike Rogers gave the answer Nov 9th 2012

The time to take over the GOP (state by state) or set up a real third party (let’s call it the conservative party, like NY state), is NOW, after a historic election that demonstrated the ineptness of the “Wizards of Smart”. The time NOT to talk about and vote for a third part candidate, or stay home and pout about rules that work against you is DURING an historic election, when one of the evils is immeasurably worse than the guy you can’t quite warm to.

This very day Skip & Co should be researching and preparing the paperwork for a New Hampshire conservative party or researching existing 3rd parties in the state so Tea Party & 2nd Amendment activists can shift to them en masse the day after the election. NH is a small state, such a move would have an earth shattering effect of the GOP state party and a sobering effect on their candidates and the direction they go.

Until that progressivism & liberalism have to be stopped or at least checked, even if we have to do it with alternatives that are little better than stone knives and bearskins.


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