Media Non Reality Squared

A few days ago I wrote about the media's fight against reality concerning Obama But this piece at the Fix is just ridiculous.  Obama, whether you like him or not, is one of the most naturally-gifted politicians the country has produced in a very long time. To oust Hillary Clinton in a Democratic primary as … Continue reading Media Non Reality Squared

Redskins: The-Team-That-Must-Not-Be-Named starts their season

By John Ruberry "Your sports team is vastly inferior That simple fact is plainly obvious to see We’re gonna kick your collective posterior Of course you realize we’re speaking figuratively." Weird Al Yankovic, Sports Song. The generic send-up of fight anthems, Sports Song, on Weird Al Yankovic's latest album is quite timely today. This afternoon the Houston … Continue reading Redskins: The-Team-That-Must-Not-Be-Named starts their season

The Heteronormative Conundrum

 ♪ Birds do it, bees do it,  Even educated fleas do it ♫             Let's fall in love Stacy McCain has been running into a lot of people arguing about the "Heteronormative" business. "Heteronormative" is defined as: Denoting or relating to a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred … Continue reading The Heteronormative Conundrum

A Sad Truth and a Terrible Future

Chief O'Brien: I was with a group of women and children, and two Cardassian soldiers burst in. I stunned one of them...the other one jumped me. We struggled. One of the women threw me a phaser, and I fired. The phaser was set at maximum. The man just...just incinerated there before my eyes. I'd never … Continue reading A Sad Truth and a Terrible Future