How Do We Know?

The events of the past week have been nerve-racking or breathtaking depending upon your perspective. The two cases in point that this writer is referencing are first and foremost the Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Janay Palmer-Rice domestic violence incident that gripped our nation; this event was a tragic and catastrophic event. The second nationwide occurrence … Continue reading How Do We Know?

“Obama’s Betrayal of the Constitution”

by Fausta Rodriguez Wertz According to many Obama supporters, pretty much all criticism of Obama is racist; you can add the New York Times, that arm of the VRWC (Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy) to the racist list: Today they have Bruce Ackerman in the op-ed page, Obama’s Betrayal of the Constitution PRESIDENT OBAMA’s declaration of war … Continue reading “Obama’s Betrayal of the Constitution”

A ISIS “war” (or whatever it is) Prediction

Mr. Carter: Please, please can we call it a "tallywhacker"? Porky's 1982 We talked a bit about the motivations concerning the Barack Obama version decision to "destroy" ISIS, however John Kerry seems to be unclear on the method: Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that the United States is not at war with ISIS … Continue reading A ISIS “war” (or whatever it is) Prediction