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This post originally appeared at my old blog in 2010–a response to a person who called me “dumb” and implied that IBaldilocks mini was a “traitor to my race” for opposing the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. That may seem ridiculous on its face, but it points to a deeper deception: that Islam is a “black religion” because of its widespread presence on the African continent.

We have seen the actions of groups like Boko Haram and ISIS as they conquer non-Muslims: they murder/castrate the men and boys and sell the women and girls into sex slavery. What fewer people know is that this is a 1400-year pattern for Islamic conquerors. They are merely following their leader.

And what a minority of black Americans know is that, for nearly that entire time period–well before the European slavers and colonialists noticed the continent–black Africa was continually subject to this Islamic onslaught, with the usual choice offered.  

One might call Islam “Africa’s death,” regardless of the choice each individual black African has made.

In 2008, I posted the following video via YouTube. It had been part of a series which exposed the truth about the Islamic Civilization with special emphasis on the horrors of the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade.  My intent was to counter the exhortations of Barack Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and the like-minded who continue to excoriate America and the rest of Western Civilization for past sins against black African Slaves and Americans of African descent.

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There has been a bit of a debate on if the congress should explicitly authorize military action against ISIS.

Different people have come down on different sides but I submit and suggest that not only should the congress vote authorization, they should formally declare war for the following reasons:

1. An actual declaration of war gives us the proper legal authority and the legitimacy in fighting this war and allows the administration to take actions reserved by law to wartime to win it.

2. A declaration places obligations on our enemies thus allowing us to pursue actions under international law against our foes to pressure 3rd parties if they choose to support them.

3. A declaration puts obligations on us which will not only keep us honest, but living  up to them will keep those in the country will try to hinder us in check.

4. A declaration of war limits our actions to the named enemy in the declaration, decreasing the chance of “mission creep”.

5. A declaration of war remains active until peace is made, this not only forces an administration to pursue war it continues to oblique further administrations to purse said war until peace is made, therefore it makes it less likely for an administration to make war recklessly or play politics with it.

6. It makes it totally clear to the rest of the world (and to the target of the declaration) that we mean business and will pursue it to the bitter end.

One of the most important things a person or a nation can do is learn from previous mistakes. Not having an “official” declaration of war (although the previous, “use of force” resolution might be considered one) in my opinion handicapped their fight and allowed his political foes not to take it seriously and manipulate the situation.

If Barack Obama is serious about his stated desire to destroy ISIS as a threat to America and if the left was serious to their objections to President Bush’s past actions a vote & debate on it will show without question their seriousness.

Update:  cleaned up a confused sentence in step 4




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