The Latest of my reviews of the Peter Capaldi Era of Doctor Who

Summary: Will the Doctor’s Dream investigation destroy Clara’s Dream Date?

Plot: The Doctor has been thinking about evolution and dreams and decided to get help from Clara just as she is coming back from a disastrous date with Danny Pink, the Doctor Drafts her for his experiment but at a critical moment while tied into the Tardis’ telepathic circuits thinks bout something else that sends the TARDIS on a trip to the past that makes her life most uncomfortable. Will the Doctor be able to save her date, figure out the secret, save a stray time traveler and discover if there is in fact someone watching them…

…or is this all (And I mean all) Clara’s fault?


Writing: OK let’s say right up from that this was a clever story, with plenty of drama and misdirection and when all is said and done we still aren’t positive if the resolution is actually the resolution. Taken as a stand alone story this would be almost a masterpiece of scripting as you never EVER know where it is going. That being said if there was actually such a thing as time lords and the Celestial intervention agency et/al this episode would be used as an example as to why time lords are not allowed to intervene in events and mess up timelines. Furthermore the interaction of Clara with this older Doctor with no trace of possible romance has not only improved the character interaction of an older doctor but I think has improved the acting (more on that later) For God sake how many predestination paradoxes can one man write? Does he have any other string in his bow? And while you’re at it let’s point out that if you are a person who knows anything about the early series and time lord history your alarm bells are ringing off the bloody hook!

Acting: Another first rate performance by Capaldi possibly his best to date in the role, Jenna Coleman also does an excellent job. I’d say it’s clearly her best episode in this season and one of her best right along, the only distraction was her outfit which was so flattering particularly for her legs that I suspect male viewers between the ages of 16-25 missed just how good a performance she gave. Not playing the flirty girl of the Doctor has really raised her level. Sam Anderson did a good job in dual role and the child actors where more than acceptable

Memorable Moments: makeup, lotus position, digging wells

Doctor Who Flashbacks: Fear keeps you strong (11th Doctor Time of Angels) This episode didn’t so much have flashbacks (although there was one to Day of the Doctor) as they did rewrites and/or ignore key episodes (more on that later)

Oddities: Since when are the telepathic circuits of the tardis made of flesh? this episode would explain why the Doctor is so obsessed with Earth. 100 years in the future is too soon for human time travel.

Pet Peeves: OK lots of them here and they involve spoilers: 1. The past of Gallifrey is time locked. There is no way the Tardis even with shields down can get there. 2. IF a TARDIS approached space traffic control (See the Invasion of Time) the time Lords would have detected it.

Great Quote: None.

Final Verdict: Four 1/2 stars. If it wasn’t for the frustration of yet ANOTHER temporal paradox business it might have made five.

Ranking of Season: 2nd of four this proves you can’t judge an episode by it’s preview,

1. Into the Dalek
2. Listen
3. Robot of Sherwood
4. Deep Breath

Today I woke to see a breathless headline at Drudge:drudgepope

So I went to said story at yahoo by Ljubomir Milasin to see what the Holy Father did

A single mother, people who have been married before and couples who have been living together “in sin” were married by Pope Francis in a taboo-challenging ceremony at the Vatican on Sunday.

It was such a story that Morning Joe decided it was worth including in their parade of paper as big news.

Is this news? Let’s examine the facts.

The Catholic Church declares sex outside of marriage a sin, as The Catechism of the Catholic Church puts it:

2353 Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.

So sex outside of marriage is a grave mortal sin. What is the solution, how about Getting Married!

Can someone explain to me why the Pope causing people to stop committing a moral sin “taboo challenging”?

Now lets look at the person previously married mentioned in the article:

One of the couples he married was single mother Gabriella and her partner Guido, whose previous marriage was annulled by an ecclesiastical tribunal.

Annulment is not the same as divorce, you must have proper grounds for Annulment in the Catholic church (some are listed here) because an annulment signifies the sacrament was never conferred and a valid marriage never took place.

Such annulment are not granted lightly (as Henry VIII discovered) but if an ecclesiastical tribunal of the Church grants an annulment, a person can marry freely because as far as the church is concerned the previous marriage was not valid.

So let’s review.  The Pope has apparently married a bunch of people according to the norms of the Catholic Church. That could have been the headline, and certainly would have been more accurate than the one at Yahoo.

So why the phony headline? There are two things that could be going on

The first is Ljubomir Milasin, his editors, Drudge and all those other who ran with this as a breathless headline worth of airtime have no idea what the norms of the Catholic Church or if they did read beyond the headline they figured it was click bait and ran with it.  Neither ignorance sloppiness, averse would be much of a surprise since today media is famously ignorant when it comes to religion.

The other possibility is dishonesty to achieve the following ends:

#1 Create a meme as if the Pope is preparing for great change in the church in order to pressure the church to actually redefine family in the way that the media wants.#2 Deceive faithful Catholics as to the Pope’s actions and intention in order to create rifts in the Church.

This is the meat and potatoes of the whole “Pope-a-dope” meme. Create a false reality in order to attack a church they despise.

This is going to fail spectacularly.  If at the height of their strength in the 60’s the left couldn’t stop Humane Vitae they certainly aren’t going to sway a bunch of Cardinals appointed by St. Pope John Paul II & Benedict XVI.

And, let me repeat something I’ve said before:

Why would any conservative, Catholic or otherwise, who wouldn’t trust the media to say water is wet, presume they were telling the truth about the Pope?

I’ll give Ed Morrissey the last word on the subject:

Update:  At HotAir Ed suggest the Vatican might have been out to make a point after all:

In other words, from this and other reports on the ceremony and couples involved, there isn’t any suggestion that there were any reasons in current canon law and practice to deny them a church wedding.

And that may have been the real point of this event. The public celebration with its pontifical celebration does have something to say about the Catholic approach to nuptials, but primarily that it’s commonly misunderstood — both by the public at large and at the parish level, in too many cases. A large part of that message comes from the Pope’s personal involvement in the ceremony. John Thavis, a longtime Vaticanista and an occasional guest on my show, makes the point that this was a teaching moment from Francis to the world and to the rank and file

It’s not just the media who are uninformed about Catholic Doctrine.


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By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT —  In a Friday news-dump report, Senator Mary Landrieu’s office issued a report indicating that the Senator has indeed been guilty of scamming taxpayer funds to finance her campaign jaunts to the tune of almost $34,000.

The review, which was released four days after her self-imposed deadline of Sept. 8, found that the senator took 43 trips, which amounted to 136 campaign functions, that were paid for by funds meant for official business only. Eleven percent of the total amount Landrieu’s office paid for chartered flights should have been paid out of her campaign funds, the review found.

Landrieu’s office said she fully reimbursed the Treasury with campaign funds and has notified the Senate Ethics Committee of the errors. She also said in a statement that she’s implemented a new bookkeeping system to prevent similar errors from happening again.

Senator Landrieu blames the mess of “sloppy bookkeeping” and says she takes “full responsibility.”

“They should have never happened, and I apologize for this,” Landrieu said. “A new system has been established that has been successfully used by a number of senate offices to provide a safeguard from this happening in the future.”

One wonders why she wasn’t using this wonderful new bookkeeping system all along.

One also must wonder how long this practice would have continued had she not faced pressure from challenger Bill Cassidy for her Senate seat.

Louisiana Republican Party Executive Director Jason Dore points out the obvious: while Katrina Mary blames sloppy bookkeepers, these flights go back years.  She’s the only constant factor in this equation:

“With 43 illegal flights and more than 100 campaign events, this was clearly policy of her office to use taxpayer means whenever possible to attend events,” said Louisiana Republican Party Executive Director Jason Dore. “Mary’s staff has changed. The donors have changed. The one thing that has been constant is this is Mary Landrieu’s office. She’s the one responsible for this practice going on in her office.”

Louisiana voters seem disgusted with her politics as usual methods and she continues to sink in the polls.  It’s still a critically close race and one can never underestimate the Landrieu machine in Louisiana.

Landrieu may not be out of hot water on this deal yet, either; Reince Priebus wonders how much interest she might owe on all this money.  Certainly one would expect she might have to pay interest on using taxpayer money for personal reasons all these years.  That would land some people in jail, after all.


Pat Austin also blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

We need to encourage every single Islamist in the world to migrate to Syria & Iraq to join up with ISIS.  The better to kill them all.


Have you noticed that the same pols and their allies who insist ISIS and their 30k+ soldiers don’t’ represent Islam have absolutely no problem using the 40 person strong Westboro Baptist Church to represent all of Christianity?

As Jonah Goldberg put it

If time lords were real they would use Steven Moffat’s episodes of Doctor Who in class to justify their non-intervention policy.

the surest way to know that something is not a “grass roots” movement is to hear a national democrat call a movement one.

Since ISIS has some cultural westerners in their ranks you would think that someone would be bright enough to tell them they beheading Americans on video is just the type of thing that can get even a society that has lapsed as far as ours to attack them.

Last week the EDL & others marched in Rotherham over the rape and assault of 1400+ children over 17 years by largely Pakistani Muslim perps, quite a few people on the left & with Labour (think English Democrats) cried “Racism” at this march. Maybe it’s just me but if you have a group of men of a particular race who are sexually assaulting a group of youth of a different race wouldn’t that by definition be an act of racism?

There is a news report that many Chinese & Japanese consider a war against each other “inevitable” Given Japan’s birth rate If I was China I’d just wait a generation or two and walk into an empty country.

I was Watching the movie Captain Blood the first pairing of Errol Flynn & Olivia De Havilland yesterday. That movie is 79 years old yet really holds up well today. Olivia De Havilland the female lead and one of the most beautiful women who ever lived is still alive today at the age of 98, She was only 19 when that picture was made but given her poise and bearing you would never know it.

One can not imagine Olivia De Havilland storing nudes of herself on her home computer.

Remember actors are paid to play make-believe to entertain the people who do the actual work of building, thinking and doing.

Football is having a hard time I suspect it’s popularity isn’t so much for the game but a by-product of the hype around it.

Has anyone else noticed that in the New American Bible Verses 8,9 & 15 of the 29th Chapter of Jeremiah are out of order. it goes verse 20, then 15 then 8 & 9.

I’ve really enjoyed Robert Stacy McCain’s series on feminism the latest chapter is here and ends with an amusing close:

By the way, Professor Gearhart never had children, while “patriarchal culture” has produced more than 2.5 billion children since 1982.

Like Amanda Marcotte she is losing the war against evolutionary biology

I’ve been doing a lot of remotes lately, it’s always fun to go out and be with people.

Right wing Granny linked to a story that’s been completely ignored:

According to Birnbaum (Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream), SodaStream is the “largest employer of Palestinian people in the world outside of the Palestinian Authority.”

“We employ 500 Palestinians here. Side by side, we have 350 Israeli Arabs and another 300 Israeli Jews. And we get along together. They’re not killing each other! They go to lunch break. We break bread together and we get to know each other,” he said.

SodaStream pays Israeli wages — four times what workers would earn in the Palestinian Authority, where unemployment is 30 percent. And the workers say they’re happy, too.

Why deal with reality when one can feel good about one’s self by ignoring it?

I want to close with the Adrian Peterson story Looking at it I can’t help but think that society would like to have all the generation from the “greatest” and before branded as barbarians. I suspect if the generation of Americans who fought world war two was raised in as children are today Germany would have won the war.

But the best line comes from Instapundit:

Press and social-media hysteria is the problem, not the solution. But our nation is largely run by emotional children these days. Perhaps they should have been spanked when they were younger, instead of being constantly told how special they were.



Glenn Reynolds Instapundit April 9th 2014

Turned on Morning Joe today and Joe Scarborough was hitting on one of my pet peeves people pretending they aren’t running for president. It is really annoying & he hit both Hillary & Jeb Bush on this (the real reason they don’t announce btw is because the fundraising rules change once you’re running officially.)

However at the end of that sequence Jeremy Peters of the NYT said something so…amazing, that I couldn’t believe my ears.

At Joe’s bemoaning the lack of substance in Hillary’s presentation Mr. Peters suggested that Hillary “should run on her foreign policy credentials.”

Funny he doesn’t look like he was born in 2013.

We’ve been talking about this subject here for a long time so I welcome Jeremy Peters to the table.

and if he can do what Doug Mataconis, Andrea Mitchell , attendees at a Democrat event and John Heilmann & Mika Brzezinski at that very table couldn’t do: That is:

Name an accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state

we’d all be delighted to have him do so.

Closing thought: Don’t forget John Kerry was the guy the left wanted in Charge instead of George W Bush.


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