Setting the Captives Free

by baldilocks By now, everyone knows that a woman was beheaded in a Moore, Oklahoma workplace by a Muslim--one who was terminated from that same workplace for proselytizing there. It also appears that this Muslim--Alton Alexander Nolen aka Ja'Keem Yisrael--was a repeat felon. None of his felonies were nearly as violent as the act he … Continue reading Setting the Captives Free

DaTechGuy (off?) the Radio Noon EST

Today is a bittersweet day for DaTechguy on DaRadio. Today's Broadcast is our 201st Since DaTechguy first debuted on WCRN on November 20th 2010. That's an excellent run for any Boutique radio show. However all good tings must come to an end and this week we've been informed both our flagship WBWN & WPLM on … Continue reading DaTechGuy (off?) the Radio Noon EST

Maybe Burson-Marsteller can call it a “Gentleman’s Agreement”

PM Jim Hacker: Then there's this business of the UN vote on Israel tonight, the US wants us to abstain. Sir Humphrey Appleby: I'm sure it's a question of maintaining our relationship with the Arabs, the power of Islam, Oil supplies. Pm Jim Hacker: Humphrey I'm talking about what's right and wrong. Sir Humphrey Appleby: … Continue reading Maybe Burson-Marsteller can call it a “Gentleman’s Agreement”