Howard: Come on, are we gonna sit around chatting like a bunch of teenage girls, or are we gonna play D&D like a bunch of teenage boys who are never gonna have sex with those teenage girls?

The Big Bang Theory The Love Spell Potential 2013

Far be it from me to suggest that gay pedophiles are more common or more dangerous than heterosexual pedophiles.

Robert Stacy McCain March 19th 2014

Saturday I had an interesting argument on twitter concerning the Catholic faith:

There is some kind of dispute in the diocese of Philly and the outraged masses of the left were making demands of the archbishop.  In response I gave a rather obvious bit of snark:

This didn’t sit well with the people who were using hashtag #catholic to attack catholics so I engaged them. As anyone who has ever engaged an anti-catholic knows it doesn’t take long for an anti-catholic in an argument to play the child sex scandal card and this was no exception:

Now a lot of faithful people instantly go on defense when they see something like this because to explain and acknowledge the Church’s sins while explaining the comprehensive and rather effective steps that have been taken over the last 10 years to both weed this out of the church and to protect children are not conducive to 140 Characters.

Unfortunately all not answering this does is leave a stain in the #catholic hashtag line discouraging the faithful and encouraging those who hate them so the best strategy is to counter that argument without denying or minimizing a legitimate scandal.

Unfortunately for our friends on the far left that’s REALLY easy:

Being that almost 4 in 5 of the priest abuse cases involved a priest and a boy it would seem rather obvious that this scandal was one overwhelming involving Gay men.  Since media has completely ignored this fact when you bring it up you get amazingly stupid arguments in response like this:

Got that being gay and becoming a priest who takes a vow of celibacy are mutually exclusive.  Apparently Scott believes gay men either by inclination or inability could never take such a vow. Sounds rather bigoted to me.

More importantly that argument has no potential to persuade even people who hate the church let alone the low info voter so that requires something more ahem…creative.

Got that sex with kids in an orientation  totally different from straight or gays why it’s practically a 3rd gender.  This oddly enough doesn’t tend to persuade because the logical follow-up is:  How DARE people discriminate against individuals, clerical or otherwise based on their orientation of wanting to have sex with kids?

That argument while being advanced slowly in academia hasn’t caught fire with the general public who despite the best efforts of certain filmmakers somehow doesn’t cotton to the idea of children as sex objects.

Plus it’s also the type of thing that might give Stacy McCain another reason to use the term “Gay Pedophile” again.

So when that card falls flat what’s the next move?

After all in America there is simply no way for a person to procure birth control.  Of course one might argue birth control is not 100% effective as that is the business model of Planned Parenthood, but that still them having failed with the “They’re not really Gay” meme actually making the argument that straight men will simply flip a switch for the sake of getting sex.

There is one conclusive way to refute that laughable argument:  The Nerd Orgy proof.

The number one comedy in the country is the Big Bang Theory.  This well-earned position comes from a combination of brilliant writing and acting based on a simple formula that’s known to all.

It’s hard for male geeks and nerds to get laid.

From the very first episode

Leonard:Our babies will be smart and beautiful.

Sheldon:Not to mention imaginary.

To the 8th season premiere….

Howard:  What’s wrong with your car?

Raj:  I’m having my windows untinted.

Howard:  Why.

Raj:  I have a hot girlfriend now I want the haters to know.

…geeks can’t get laid” premise has been the series bread and butter and has made the entire cast rich.

Ironically while the popularity of the series has made geekdom less of a unisex proposition the fact is if you are a male who is a comic book, dungeons and dragons, magic the gathering, star trek, star wars, doctor who or gaming geek your ability to get laid by a girl is severely hampered as evidenced by this story of an attempt to launch an orgy at a gaming event a few years ago:

I also appreciate the fact that the poster starts off with “I thought it might be fun,” an honest statement that leaves open the possibility that it will instead be the most horrifyingly awkward night of many of the participants’ lives. A small hotel room, filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of a group of people who’ve just spent hours sweating their way around a crowded convention show floor? Sign me up!

Or don’t. Seems like I’m no longer eligible to apply, as I’m not up for sharing.

Update: Getting too many responses from single males, so will not be accepting any more for now. If you are a single male and you already replied, I need to see what we have for couples and single females before you get an invite. No single males have an actual invite yet.

That’s just one of the many reasons a unisex orgy at a male-dominated gaming event is a bad idea. I can list several others, but I’ve not eaten lunch yet.

So the question becomes, if the utilitarian argument is correct wouldn’t all these guys are all dying for sex why wouldn’t they under the utilitarian argument simply relieve their sexual tension with other men?

And let’s go one step further, the Big Bang Theory is dealing with men in their 20’s early 30’s.  The average gamer geek starts in their teens at an age where arousal is practically automatic.  As Robert Stacy McCain once said 

A teenage boy is capable of sexual arousal with the least provocation, or no provocation at all.

I mean, you have a gathering of young men who are in a permanent state of arousal, generally sexually frustrated , rejected by women surrounded by a group of people in the same situation who are accepting of him.

If people so easily dropped their sexual orientation based on convenience unisex Geek Orgies of straight men and boys should be so ubiquitous that the term would be known everywhere describing a phenom as well known as the premise of the Big Bang instead of the punchline for this blog post.




SHREVEPORT — In our weekly Mary Landrieu report, we note that Keg-Stand-Mary thinks you need to just “get a life” if you were offended by her assist for a 28-year old guy doing a keg stand at last week’s LSU-Mississippi State game.

In a news conference this week, Mary said:

“They need to get a sense of humor, and they need to get a life — it’s just the way we roll,” the Louisiana Democrat said Monday during a news conference at the State Capitol…

Indeed, in an informal poll by the Times-Picayune, 49% of those responding don’t have a problem with a U.S. Senator funneling beer into a dude’s mouth at a tailgate event as he holds himself aloft by his hands on a beer keg.  38% think this is poor behavior for a Senator.

It IS Louisiana, after all!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

But seriously, Mary does have a voter problem; Louisiana political columnist Elliot Stonecipher takes a look at what he calls “the Maness effect” on the race in his column this week.  The conspiracy theorists wonder if Maness was “encouraged” to run by enemies of Rep. Bill Cassidy to split the primary vote thus giving favor to Landrieu.  Sarah Palin has come out for Tea Party favorite Maness, but Maness is still polling below 10%.  Even as Mary Landrieu fades in the wake of Residence-Gate and Keg-Gate, Cassidy is moving up in the polls while Maness stays about the same.

Stonecipher sees more noble motives in Maness:

Rob Maness is, as was the case from the moment of his entry into this race, the campaign’s designated spoiler. I do not believe he understood or expected such. Neither am I aware of any evidence that, as some politicos contend, Maness was recruited for this race by political enemies of Congressman Cassidy.

At the start, Maness, I prefer and choose to believe, felt he could run second to Senator Landrieu in the primary election, then go on to succeed her in the United States Senate. He and his supporters have steadfastly campaigned with the commitment and urgency befitting what they see as a winning cause.

The Democrats, for their part, see a path to victory as long as Maness stays in the race:

In Louisiana, Democrats believe their best shot at emerging victorious in the race is to win outright in November, taking advantage of a split between Cassidy and his main conservative foe, tea party challenger Rob Maness.

“The only pathway Republicans have to victory is through a runoff. We have a pathway to victory without a runoff that’s just it,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk.

The runoff — which would presumably unite Republicans behind one candidate — becomes a much more dangerous proposition for Landrieu and her party.

Which is why this blogger suggested weeks ago that Maness bow out.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.


I have been making a principled argument for Tea Party / Libertarians to swallow their pride and vote GOP this year from LA to NH etc based on the need to stop the even worse Democrats. Now let me make one rather self serving / pragmatic point:

If the GOP loses without us, failing to get the Senate, then we can flex our muscles saying: “You can’t win without us.”. That is Mitt Romney circa 2012.

But what we stay home and they still win?

What if the GOP fails to win NH & NC and loses Kansas and still manages to get the net +6 seats to win the senate and increases their lead in the house?

If this happens what will happen to any perception of Tea Party / Libertarian power and how will a victorious GOP treat our causes?

Think about it.