And Now Blunt Truths from Around the Net

Today as I scanned the net I found an inordinate amount of blunt truths expressed:

Arlene Kushner On Israel and the west:

But in the end, Netanyahu’s concerns translate to: No two-state solution, folks. Elsewhere I read that Netanyahu says the definition of “sovereignty” would have to change with regard to what was meant by a “sovereign” Palestinian state.

Abbas will not have this. But there it stands. The world is going to be angry at us and we had better learn to live with it. To give the world what it wants of us would be suicide.

The anti-Semitism didn’t start with Islamic immigration.

Gay Patriot on the Gay Left:

They said Christians would not be forced to participate in gay marriages. They lied.

They said there would be no push to normalize paedophilia. They lied.

They said gay marriage would not lead to a push for polygamy. They lied.

Oppose any of these things and you are a hater

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit on Obama’s plans for ISIS:

His plan is to look like he’s kinda doing something until November, then let ISIS win.

You know I said the exact same thing to my wife last night.


The days are rapidly coming where people willing to speak or write truth will be a rare commodity.