Imams Fighting ISIS with “The Big Lie”

The Situation:  You are an Arab state that proclaims their support for Islam.  You have a group of jihadists called ISIS who are not only winning battles throughout Syria and Iraq inspiring your youth and emphasizing aspect of Islam that, while accurate, threaten your comfortable existence within your state?

Problem how you do keep your Islamic population for joining or supporting ISIS fighters who are proclaiming a version of Islam consistent with the Koran but inconsistent with your comfortable lifestyle?  Particularly when stuff like this doesn’t stop phase them:

today fleeing Kobane refugees, some of them teenagers, said they had witnessed beheadings and seen corpses with tongues and eyes cut out amid bloody fighting.

Father of four Amin Fajar said: “I have seen tens, maybe hundreds, of bodies with their heads cut off.

“Others with just their hands or legs missing.

“I have seen faces with their eyes or tongues cut out – I can never forget that as long as I live.

“They put their heads on display to scare us all.”

Easy, fall back on the favorite method of the Arab world, the Big Anti-Semitic lie:

In a recent Friday sermon in Kuwait, titled “The False War on ISIS,” Shiite Imam Saleh Jawhar said that ISIS sold thousands of women, girls, and children to the Jews in Israel. “Even if we accept everything else – what kind of religion allows the capturing of a Muslim woman, and on top of that, allows her to be sold to a Jew?!”

The video via Blazing Cat Fur is here

Remember there is no lie so big or so outrageous concerning Jews that it won’t be believed by arabs.  Furthermore there is no more effective way to produce anger and hatred toward a group among members of the “religion of peace” than to associate them with Jews.