Shaping the Truth

by baldilocks

Originally posted on September 18, 2008. Changes are minimal; you’ll see baldilockswhere–and why. Details are contemporaneous.

What is truth?

Pontius Pilate

Well it depends on who’s answering.

And it depends on the philosophy of the answerer.

If the answerer does not believe that truth is objective, if he believes that the truth is whatever he wants it to be, that the truth can be manipulated to his personal or political needs, if he even believes that the truth can contradict itself, then the answer is: truth is everything and nothing. The Truth is a Lie.

One of the tactics used by the Left is what I have privately called the God-tactic: calling things that are not as though they are, speaking a thing into existence. “Let there be Light!” The Left has insinuated itself into an omnipotent God’s place and it creates truth as necessary even if that truth was falsehood five minutes ago.

Being a creature of the Left, the Obama Campaign Administration displays this quality and “creates reality” as it sees fit. To meet its specific needs, the Obama campaign Administration declares “Let there be racism” in everything that the Republicans say and do, even if they are saying and doing nothing. The Obama campaign Administrationcreates items necessary for the goal—winning—out of thin air. Like God.

Here’s another example: when Barack Obama tells the public that his various non-executive positions qualify him for the highest executive office in the land, but Governor Sarah Palin’s two executive careers make her insufficiently qualified for the second highest executive position in the land, the public is supposed to buy it. For the Left, truth does not have to make sense. Truth’s only purpose is to service the endgame: making Leftism dominant in the land. To that end, the Left’s “living truth” (not this Living Truth, for sure) must be believed by as many as possible. The Obama campaign’s Administration’s smaller “truths” are merely designed to service the larger “truth” of Leftism.

This is how one can possibly conclude that a person who has never been an executive is more qualified for an executive position than is another person who has twice been an executive and is under consideration for a lower position than the first person. This is the embodiment of Belief and Faith in the Leftism—a belief and faith that have been honed and instilled by public indoctrination of this Leftism for decades. It’s a belief and a faith that have taken the place of logic with respect to earthly matters.

Additionally, we have seen one of the central tenets of this belief–this faith, this Leftism–continuously playing out in this presidential campaign administration in this manner: anyone who is not both white and male is assigned the identity of “perennial victim of white males,” no matter how one may define herself. Therefore, when you, non-white person, or you, female, repudiate Leftism, you’re a heretic and/or an apostate to that religion. And since victimization is bound up in your non-whiteness and/or your womanhood, to a Leftist you are “no longer black” no matter how much black African DNA is part of your genetic makeup or you are a “female impersonator” no matter how many babies you’ve birthed. This is one of the many ways that the Left has removed the Truth from truth.

The Right sometimes forgets the nature of this shape-shifting Leftist “truth” when engaging in ideological battle. I hear and read some on the Right who suggest that we adopt the adversary’s methods, specifically of creating a victimization group (white males) and/or counterattacking on the basis of race. To do so would demonstrate strategic blindness. When you’re dealing with an ideological opponent who deals in relative truth and in demonization, it’s mind-bogglingly stupid to abandon your principles and use their tactics. All that will get you is a “See? We told you they were all liars/racists/whatever.” The Right cannot win playing by Leftist rules because by Leftism’s rules, the Right is wrong merely by existing and, therefore, any means necessary to counter the Right are acceptable for use, even those means which contradict the Left’s own ideology.

As said earlier, at need, the Left will deny an occurrence from five minutes past—asserting that its “truth” is more true than your Lying Eyes and Ears. Or the Left will deny its own objective and demonstrable racism and sexism and, in response, the faithful—well indoctrinated from birth and who base their existence and identity on Leftism rather than on the Truth—will forget the objective definitions of both –isms and simply believe.

My exhortation is this: don’t get frustrated (like I sometimes become) by the tactics of those who would refashion reality to promote the cause of Leftism.

The louder they howl, the more certain you can be that your side is winning. Just have faith in the Truth, even when it hurts, because…the Truth is stronger.

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