Republican Voters as Tevye in MA-6

God:  My last miracle was the ’69 mets

Oh God 1977

Last night when I got home late from my youngest’s 21st I saw a tweet from a local liberal who occasionally tweaks me.  He had an interesting question concerning one of the congressional races

Richard Tisei is the GOP candidate for congress in MA-6 his website is here. Tisei was the Lt. Gov candidate for the GOP last time around, and had spent 26 years in the MA House and senate before that.

He is openly gay and married his boyfriend last year.  He has not been shy about hitting the GOP over gay marriage making big headlines at the start of the Mass GOP 2014 convention by boycotting it,  stepping on former running mate Charlie Baker toes.  It would have been the only story of the GOP convention if the party didn’t shoot Baker in the foot in an idiotic attempt to keep Mark Fisher off the ballot.

Last time around Tisei ran against the corrupt John Tierney in the 6th and lost by a hair.  This year given the GOP wave coming, he was expected to beat him,  but Democrats threw the rascal Tierney out in the primary by an overwhelming margin nominating Seth Moulton in the 6th.

What really makes things interesting is Seth Moulton back story. He parents are ultra liberals yet he still enlisted to fight in Iraq while disagreeing with the war and furthermore served multiple tours because he thought it was the honorable thing to do. It the type of thing that makes a conservative’s Heart go pitter patter

Moulton is a guy who had the world by the Balls, coming out of Phillips Andover and Harvard….. he could have written his own ticket….but obviously he answered the need to give back and serve our Country in Iraq.

Your Nanepashemet Mountain of a Man doesn’t know him, never met him, never even shook his hand. But a guy with his promise doesn’t show up that often.

When I look at the photo above, taken during one of his four tours of duty in Iraq….. I see an “American”. I will register as a Democrat if necessary, but I’m voting for Seth Moulton for the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District seat…. and I hope you do too.

It actually resulted in the Tierney camp running the following primary ad in a state where being a republican is worse for a pol than being charged with sexual assault.

However that didn’t slow him down and he not only beat Tierney, he crushed him.

Given Mr. Tisei’s bouts of Scozzafever which enraged folks like Yankee Pundit and Mouton’s character you might think voting for Moulton would be an easy call for a social conservative & some spoke to me highly touting Moulton’s character & military record so I went to his web site

…and discovered that while Moulton is a man of exceptional character (a great rarity for the party these days) he’s not only liberal but ULTRA liberal both on social & fiscal issues. His record on the issues is everything I have written against since I’ve first started this blog.

Here are the two candidate in debate:

So what you have is this, A socially liberal Republican who is not shy about attacking & embarrassing his party but is good on fiscal issues vs a Democrat of exceptional moral character who is spectacularly wrong on just about every issue. It’s enough to make a Republican go Tevye

If you are a republican who votes on issues alone the answer is obviously Tisei

On the other hand If you are the type who dislikes career pols Moulton is an obvious choice.

If you are a tea party guy voting on fiscal responsibility Tisei is your man.

On the other hand If you want to make Tisei pay a price for what he did to Charlie Baker you want Moulton.

If you want the National GOP to have every vote they can in congress you want Tisei

On the other hand If you figure the GOP majority is pretty secure & don’t want to risk a relapse of “Scozzafever”  in Washington  then Moulton is the guy

If you want to play the “inclusive party” card then Tisei is your man.

On the other hand If character is your #1 factor Moulton is the guy

If you want Massachusetts to have at least one GOP member to protect our interests in the majority then Tisei is the choice

On the other hand If you think with war brewing a vet is the best choice you want Moulton

If you value legislative experience in a congressman you want Tisei

On the other hand if you want someone who has strong beliefs and will always vote them you want Moulton

If you want to stop a candidate whose backstory would give national appeal to liberalism you vote for Tisei

On the other hand  If you want to stop someone who might use a national position to hurt social conservatives in the party you vote for Moulton

My district is ma-3 and I’m voting for Ann Wofford & I’m not going to lose any sleep over this it. Here’s why:

When Tierney’s wife tax evasion conviction broke in 2010 the Boston Globe said this:

You can crow all you want about some kooky yard sign of the president in a turban or whatever but this is a bit more serious to the tune of, oh, seven million dollars. Hudak may be painted as a wing nut – and rightfully so – but he doesn’t have any immediate ties to serious law breaking like this. Keep it mind that Tierney voted against the internet gambling ban while all of this was going on.

then three weeks later endorsed him anyway:

The Globe’s willingness to endorse Tierney simply shows that there is no level of corruption or illegality that a democrat can do, oh I’m sorry be “ignorant” of that would cause them to endorse a conservative republican.


And Tierney won by 14 points.

Two years later when Tierney faced the openly gay socially liberal GOP candidate Tisei, they re-elected him AGAIN.

So if Democrats were willing to elect and re-elect the corrupt Tierney in the 6th what kind of miracle is it going to take for Tisei to beat an ultra liberal Democrat with impeccable integrity in a district where the GOP has won two races in the last 45 years and none of the last 9.

I’m a man of faith but even faith has limits.

I’m going to spend my time worrying about races that the GOP can actually win, because in my opinion not only is Moulton going to win in MA-6 I predict it’s not going to be close.

One the other hand there is John Chapman running in Ma-9…

Update:  I know the Emerson College poll disagrees with me but I don’t buy it for a moment.

Update 2:  Of course maybe given stores like this  from Chicago and this from Massachusetts maybe personal integrity would disqualify a democrat among the union base


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