Election 2014 Comes down to Trends Work & Theft

There is one week to the election and we keep seeing new polls talking about how close things are, how the election will go down to the wire.

On MSNBC everyone is spinning looking at pols first saying how close it is , while at the same time claiming that things look good for their favorite candidates (like Chris Christie).

Granted a network needs a race, even beyond being Democrats with bylines they need you to have a reason to watch. No race means no story and their job is to keep you from switching over to Doctor Who reruns on BBC America. If the people in front of those camera can’t do that they’ll be replaced by other that can.

So in the interest of decoding what’s really happening out there these are the things to consider:

Right now the poll numbers mean very little, the odds of any trend suddenly reversing in the last week, baring something like a giant Ebola Outbreak or the fall of Baghdad, are pretty low. So the trends more than anything else will establish where these races are going.

But while the trends even in Massachusetts are good for the GOP right now, as the Leominster GOP committee chair notes, they hard work has to continue.

And that’s why last night, while Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley had at it in Worcester Two GOP candidates Rich Bastien running for State Senate in the Worcester Middlesex district  and Brad Wyatt running for State Rep in the 12th Worcester  district were at the Twin City Tea Party asking for votes and looking for workers.

Wyatt, in his first race has been approaching his fight against a 20 yr incumbent like a business concentrating on door knocking and contesting votes to the point where his opponent, who normally feels safe about ignoring GOP candidates, has been on the attack.

But attacks or no Wyatt soldiers on, to him both the campaign and a potential job as State Rep are problems to be solved. As he put it:

My time on earth is too short to go up to Boston to get along to go along

That’s the same theme that former State Rep Richard Bastien running in the Worcester and Middlesex district for State Senate discussed before the Tea Party. With a debate scheduled for tonight he had his pitch down pat talking not only about the area he wishes to represent, an area, that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation but noting that for all his opponents talk of “Jobs” five decades of Democrat rule has led to decades of decline.

The democrats have been in control of Massachusetts longer than the Castro’s have controlled Cuba

The results have been similar people leaving as fast as they can.

He talked about the amount of outside money coming in for his opponents asking why groups in Ohio for example are spending money on a central mass State Senate race. He answered his question when he noted the state budgeted over 36 Billion dollars (not counting off budget items) this year.

That’s the final piece of the puzzle of election 2014.

For all the positive GOP trends and for all the leftists in office claiming they don’t know the president they hailed as a messiah in 2008 nationwide, there is a wild card to be considered: The Unions, the NGO, the green companies and all of the various groups that have lived high off the hog on the tax dollars their democrat allies have sent their way.

Given the spending levels of government Tens of millions of dollars are a drop in the bucket. These people are not going to give up those hundreds of billions of your tax dollars nationwide without a fight.

With that amount of money at stake if anyone for one moment thinks they will not violate law when all hey risk are low level operatives, is a fool.

The trends might be going your way and you might work very hard but if you aren’t keeping your eyes on the polls and ballots from the moment the doors are open till the last vote is counted you are setting yourself up for defeat.

You have been warned.

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