by baldilocks

Again, I find myself writing on the fly, an unplanned topic. I don’t even know what the topic is as I type these very words.

Perhaps putting down my “feelings,” my true thoughts would be best. Well, not all of my thoughts, since it is often best to keep some things to oneself.

Here’s what I “feel”: something is coming, a very radical shift in our everyday lives, in our world. The abnormal is about to become the New Normal. I guess that it isn’t difficult to guess why I think this.Tuesday marks the last set of nationwide elections before the scheduled end of the Obama Administration. We’ve seen what the last six years have wrought and the “feeling” I have is that the 2014 elections will mark an upswing in tyranny–regardless of the outcome. A beginning of the end.

So this weekend, I will make it a point to enjoy the old normal things in my life: the solitude and spaciousness of my home, the relative peacefulness of my neighborhood–and odd thing in the heart of South Central Los Angeles–the clarity and freshness of the air after last night’s rainstorm (also an odd thing in light of California’s ongoing drought); the ripening of my lemon tree and the still-blooming beauty of my bougainvillea bush. And I look forward to the ongoing (Holy) spiritual richness of church services tomorrow and to seeing my pastor and my friends there.

All of these are God’s recognizable blessings. I pray that we all are able to recognize His blessings when they are obscured by the feces storm that I “feel” coming.

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