Frozen Chicago River
Frozen Chicago River, February 2014

By John Ruberry

Election results won’t be coming in until Tuesday night, but it’s already time to select the biggest loser of the midterms: environmentalists and their climate change agenda.

During the brutally cold 2014 winter, San Francisco hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer announced that he would be contributing $50 million to his NextGen Climate Action PAC–and he was hoping to raise $50 million more with the goal of making global warming and extreme weather a top political issue during the midterm campaign.

Last month a recent Gallup Poll found that climate change was the least important of thirteen issues it put before voters.  When I reported on Steyer’s $100 million objective–one he now claims he never set–on my own blog months ago, I wrote, “Anyway, a fool and his money are easily parted, which makes me wonder how Steyer became a billionaire.”

I certainly got the “fool” part right.

Our cold winter led to a short spring and a cool summer.  As for extreme weather, there have been fewer tornadoes this year. For instance, this August saw fewer twisters than any August since the 1960s–despite much better detection technology. While Pacific hurricane activity is up this year, for the second year in a row there have been few Atlantic hurricanes, something that wasn’t mentioned by the mainstream media when the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy passed.

The Democrats may hang on to their majority in the US Senate, but the trends of late make the Republicans the favorite.

But the climate change activists will lose no matter the electoral outcome.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT — Bad news on today on the Dead Pelican – that’s the Louisiana version of The Drudge Report.    The headline there links to a Washington Times story predicting yet another month of negative campaigning here in Louisiana:

While voters around the country eagerly await Tuesday as the end of the campaign ad season, Louisiana’s residents need to brace for another month of the onslaught of negative TV ads and mailboxes spilling over with attack flyers.

The quirk of the state’s election calendar for congressional races means the barrage of ill will from campaigns and outside groups is expected to continue through the Thanksgiving holidays and most of the college football regular season.

The national focus is on our Senate race with Mary Landrieu trying to keep her career position in the Senate; opposing her is Rep. Bill Cassidy, a RINO but giving Mary a run for her money, and the more conservative (and Palin-endorsed) candidate Rob Maness who is polling a distant third place and just barely out of single digits.

Much has been made of Landrieu’s statement last week in which she criticized her constituency, calling the Louisiana voters who elected her three times racist and sexist.  She’s getting desperate.

Locally, in Shreveport, we have as big a mess of a mayor’s race as anything I’ve ever seen, and the smear attacks are just embarrassing.  One candidate is accused of double-dipping reimbursement expenses, one candidate’s mental competency has been challenged, and yet another has admitted to shooting her husband in a domestic abuse situation.  If there was ever an election where you just didn’t want to vote, our mayoral race would be it.

The flyers and cards I’m getting through my mail slot are enough to make me want to tape the thing shut; I need to wash my hands after picking them up.  It’s downright nasty.

I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in addition to sorting through all that mudslinging, we also have fourteen constitutional amendments on the ballot, as well as a plethora of other local races from school board to City Marshall.  I printed my sample ballot and it is three pages long.

I’m not complaining, though – I’m proud to be able to vote and will certainly exercise my right to vote on Tuesday.  It might take twenty minutes in the voting booth, but it will be worth it all just to vote against Mary Landrieu.

I guess on the bright side, it will be interesting to see what kind of smears she will come up with to insult her constituents as we wait for the run off.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

“Whenever someone kills another, the evidence of witnesses is required for the execution of the murderer. The evidence of a single witness is not sufficient for putting a person to death.

Numbers 35:30

King Herod: Kill every male child up to one year [pause] two years old. [the court looks at him in shock] Better that the innocent die that the guilty escape.

Jesus of Nazareth 1977

Saturday Glenn Reynolds liked to this piece at the Washington Examiner that talks about a victory for Due process

The Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that those accused of rape are not responsible for proving they obtained consent. In a 6-3 ruling, the court said that requiring the accused to provide such proof to the preponderance of evidence standard violated constitutional rights.

“Requiring a defendant to do more than raise a reasonable doubt is inconsistent with due process principles,” wrote Justice Debra Stephens. She added that doing so raised “a very real possibility of wrongful convictions.”

Glenn referees this as “something so obvious” I’m not so sure.

It’s true the judges ruled the idea of suddenly changing the rules of evidence and the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” violated constitutional rights, but a full third of the court thought otherwise.

In the state of Washington only two supreme court votes are the difference between “due process” and “guilty until proven innocent”. Two votes between “presumed innocent” and “better the innocent be ruined than the guilty escape”.

You would think that our liberal friends would be horrified by this, after all consider the black community which votes with them 90-10% or more. We are told that driving while black, walking while black and buying skittles while black makes one subject to arrest or even death under our current standards for guilt, can you imagine the result if those standards are lowered?

And that’s just arrests. If people of color are now incarcerated at rates far above the general population under a system where one is innocent until proven guilty, what will happen when the burden of proof is shifts toward the accused?

But no, our friends on the left from the local to the national level are pushing this standard. Why would they do that? Because this part of the liberal Gleichschaltung that serves their purpose.

The meme that is prompting this move fits into the prejudices our liberal friends hold. The argument our liberal friends make defending it creates a talking point against their political enemies, the fear it such a policy creates intimidates those who would speak against them, particularly on campus, and the power it generates goes to institutions they control. For that reason the fight, no matter how much in conflict with values Americans have held for two dozen decades or more, is good.

And if you think I’m being an alarmist, remember it was only ten years ago that a single vote on the Massachusetts Supreme Court first redefined marriage in America.

Glenn is wrong, this isn’t “something so obvious” this is the first of many fights and court cases that will not be considered “settled law” until the desired result for the left is achieved.

Closing thought #1 What does it say about the black community that they would still vote in lockstep for a party pushing this kind of thing?

Closing thought #2 If you think the innocence project is busy now once this is propagated you ain’t seen nothing yet.


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