The Latest of my reviews of the Peter Capaldi Era of Doctor Who

Summary: Cyberman, An Army of the Dead and the Master/Mistress more crazy than ever.

Plot:   The Doctor and UNIT find themselves trying to cope with the Master/Mistress while Clara finds herself surrounded by Cyberman trying to pass herself off as the regenerated Doctor.  The Doctor is made president of the world as the graveyards are emptying of corpses now made into Cybermen with brains downloaded from the “nethersphere” consisting of the minds of the dead from the past and future.  Is this a part of the Mistress / Master’s “master” plan or is something else going on?


Writing:  ’Steven Moffat’s writing of this episode reminds me of my infrequent attempts at Dungeon mastering 30 years ago.  I was absolutely lousy .  If I wanted a plot to go somewhere I tended to throw away all the actual plotting in order to create the ending I wanted and that’s what Steven Moffat does here.  He decides:  “Wouldn’t  it be cool if the master was a jealous crazy woman who longed for the Doctor like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction?”  and goes from there.  So what if the Cybermen one of the primary villains in the history of Doctor Who become basically an afterthought.  So what if we decide to give them the power of flight just for the sake of the resolution, so what if we kill off fan favorites just to prove the new Master / Mistress is a crazy bitch (Am I the only one who considered the whole way the “mistress” was written as kinda sexist?) So what if UNIT is reduced to a joke.  It’s as if the whole episode was dreamed up like the much better Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.  Think of a fun premise and write an episode around it and devil take the hindmost.  You end up with some cool scenes and some cool lines but it just doesn’t work.  I for example as a Doctor Who fan since 1976 have a particular vision of the Doctor that maybe one day I’ll write about but if I forced that vision on the series, it might not work.  I think that’s what Moffat is doing.  Furthermore he is not writing it for the youthful audience, he is writing it for the adult audience and that’s what killed the series the first time.  He’s a great writer but he’s got to stop writing like the guy playing with Doctor Who action figures on his desk…

…and like Harry Anderson in the Devil’s Disciple expect his soldier/actors to bail him out.

Acting: Ok lets say this out front while I think the whole Glenn Close / Master / Mistress business is a horrible idea Michelle Gomez pulls it off to the point where knowing Moffat’s obsession with the Jon Pertwee era the thought of a whole season with Gomez showing up regularly as a villain (say 2-3 or a pair of two part stories) would really work.  She & Capaldi reek of chemistry his best scenes are with her & the 51 year old me wants more. Coleman in her not quite swan song is almost an afterthought and Sam Anderson’s Danny Pink gets to make the St. Crispin’s day speech but all overshadowed by the brilliantly almost Tom Bakerishly insane Michelle Gomez.

Memorable Moments: The Salute, the Bow tie, handcuffs, St. Crispin’s day. What rate?

Doctor Who Flashbacks: Bow ties are cool (11th Doctor) The old Cyberhead (assorted) , Father Christmas A Christmas Carol (11th Doctor) The Binary coordinates of Gallifrey Full Circle, Pyramids of Mars (4th Doctor)

Oddities:  Shouldn’t every single one of the Doctor’s late companions from Katrina to Sarah Jane to Amy & Rory all have become Cybermen fighting the Cybermen? Steven Moffat lost a great chance to make the story more epic. The concept that they would try to sell the whole “Clara as the Doctor” business in the credits was fun but c’mon!

Pet Peeves:   The Master was not on Gallifrey when the Doctor saved it, he avoided the war in Human Form (Utopia), This is a kids show, there were plenty of other ways to establish the Mistress / Master is a crazy jealous murderous bitch than that (of course one can hold out hope that it was the Zygon duplicate). No explanation as to why the Cybermen would be so willing to co-operate with the Master, Making the Cybermen able to fly simply to allow the resolution of the plot was weak and does anyone really believe Human’s would make the Doctor their absolute ruler even in times of emergency?


Great Quote(s) 


Clara: Oh don’t be so slow it’s embarrassing. Who could fool you like this. Who could hide right in front of your nose? Who can change their face any time they want? Hm You see I’m not Clara Oswald, Clara Oswald has never existed.
Cyberman: Identify!
Clara: I’m the Doctor!


Osgood: Would you like a still picture, selfies are never as good are they are you’re having a lovely moment.
The Doctor: Nice Bowtie.
Osgood: Bowties are cool.


Santa Claus:  [knocking on TARDIS door in flight] Cooee… [knocking]  Hello… Doctor…. you know it can’t end like that hmm.  We need to get this sorted and quickly.  She’s not alright you know and neither are you.  I’m coming in.  [opens TARDIS ] Ah there you are, I know I’d get around to you eventually.  Stop gopping and tell me…what do you want for Christmas? 



Final Verdict:   3 stars Always a bad sign when the Pet Peeves outnumber the quotes. Enough plot holes to strain spaghetti plus a really bad ending (Even Nick Frost fun St. Nick isn’t enough to save it) equals an episode in the bottom 1/3 of the season.

Ranking of Season:   10th of 12. I haven’t been this disappointed with a finale since the first rate Utopia three parter finished with Last of the Time Lords (ironically also featuring Master). What is it about the Master that it brings out the worst in Doctor Who finales? Thank God it wasn’t as bad as that one.

1. The Caretaker
2. Mummy on the Orient Express
3. Into the Dalek
4. Dark Water
5. Listen
6. Flatline
7. Robot of Sherwood
8. Time Heist
9. Kill the Moon
10. Death in Heaven
11. Deep Breath
12. In the Forest of the Night

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT — So, you may have heard that Mary Landrieu didn’t fare so well in her bid for re-election to the Senate last week.

She didn’t win, but she didn’t lose, either.  Landrieu and Rep. Bill Cassidy will face each other in a runoff in December which means those of us in Louisiana can look forward to a few more weeks of nasty campaign ads.

Louisiana Senate 2014

Of course, those ads won’t be paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC); they’ve pulled funding for her ads.  And why not?  They don’t need her anymore.  With the Senate firmly in Republican control now, Landrieu is expendable.  Well, that’s not their line; what the DSCC says is that Landrieu is “a proven run-off winner” and she isn’t the best place for their money right now.  So, she’s on her own.

As both camps regroup for the runoff election, Team Landrieu comes out of the gate with a rather bizarre attack ad on Rep. Cassidy, asking where he was during Hurricane Katrina. Apparently Landrieu means to prop up her own Katrina response by attacking Cassidy, however, Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005 and Cassidy wasn’t serving in Congress until 2009.

For his part, Cassidy responded to the Landrieu attack ad by pointing out that he was setting up a hospital for refugees in Baton Rouge at the time.

What would Landrieu hope to gain with this one?  And I personally am outraged that Landrieu is using veterans as props in this ad. In this ad she claims that Cassidy “also voted with President Obama 97% of the time,” as she did, however NOLA refutes that:

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., backed President Barack Obama 97 percent of the time in 2013, a sharp contrast to Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, her top GOP Senate challenger, who supported his view only eight percent of the time, according to CQ.

Landrieu voted with fellow Democrats in the Senate 90 percent of the time, while Cassidy backed the GOP position in the House 96 percent of the time.

It’s an odd direction for her to attempt; the local response to Hurricane Katrina was far from impressive and one would think Landrieu wouldn’t want to cover that ground again.

Who could forget “Katrina Mary” and Anderson Cooper?  It wasn’t pretty.

Republican Rob Maness has now endorsed Rep. Bill Cassidy, it looks grim for Mary Landrieu.  There were some of us who hoped Maness would pull out of the election as he was polling in a distant third place all along, and had he done that, Cassidy possibly could have won the election outright, but you never know.  And here we are, gifted with these bizarre campaign ads.

It should make for an interesting month on campaigning.

How low will she go?


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits make lice.

Col. John Chivington on Indians

You know I remember the days when pop songs about running over two month old children might have caused a backlash, but all the rules are out the window when you are talking about killing Jews:

“Run over the two month old baby – that is how we get them”, the song by Anas Garadat and Abu Khayad says. “For Al-Aqsa we will run over settlers. Run over settlers. Make the road become a trap, Allah will help you. The whole Arab nation calls you – bless you Akari Ibrahim (The terrorists behind the attack last Wednesday), run over run over!”

They are singing about a series of attacks in Jerusalem where Palestinians are running over Jews, one of which killed a three month old baby who was a US citizen.

A three-month-old girl was killed Wednesday afternoon and eight others were injured when a car crashed into a crowd at a light rail station in Jerusalem in what officials said was a likely terrorist attack.

A suspect, identified by an Israeli official as a member of terror group Hamas, attempted to flee the scene on foot and was shot by police, a police spokesperson said.

What nice young men, let’s send the money and give them a state.

BTW our state department is right on it

After the attack and the Jerusalem mayor’s declaration that the murdered baby was an American citizen, the bright shining star at the State Department, spokeswoman Marie Harf, apparently could only muster the following, as reported by the Times of Israel: “The Israelis are currently looking into the incident. We are in touch with them and we’ll see what more information we can get, also urge all sides to exercise restraint and maintain calm.”

Can you imagine the US government reacted the same way over the death of Michael Brown?

via Elder of Ziyon because you don’t expect the MSM to find this kind of thing newsworthy do you?


My son had this on TV while I was doing something else, I looked up saw this sequence and both of us literally could not stop laughing

There is no question that South Park is often vulgar, regularly sacrilegious and crosses more boundaries than a fugitive wanted in every state of the union trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

All that being said they regularly produce brilliant social commentary and this phony ad for booze is a perfect example of it.

The latest in our series of posts that will not surprise any person who has been paying attention.

Today’s installment comes a post from Granite Grok & a tweet from Boston Bridget on the Elections in NH.

While the GOP was winning Governorships in Illinois, Maryland and even Massachusetts and Republican Senate Candidates were winning every senate seat in sight at the very same time Maggie Hassan was beating Walt Havenstein holding the Governorship and Scott Brown was losing to Jeanne Shaheen.

Mind you they managed to do this at the same time that Republican increased their majority in the state Senate and won the House in the state going from 40 seats down to 70 seats up

So How did Havenstein manage to lose when the GOP was winning statewide? Granite Grok provides a clue

I can now tell the story – a meeting was set up, like back in 2010 with the leaders of the L&F wing of the Party with Papa Smurf (John Sununu Sr), for Havenstein. Walt arrived – and only 4 people were there instead of the scores that had been invited. Each and every one of them, including me, said “No apology, no support. We will not be used as cover; we will not be there”. It is my understanding that Havenstein was PISSED – he was the Nominee so how DARE he not get that support and stomped out redfaced when told the reasons. He assumed that votes would be there – you know what “assumed” means. A lack of Consistency.


Oddly it appears that if you use sexual slurs to describe your base and refuse to apologize said people choose not to show up and vote for you.

Unlike Haverstein Brown didn’t directly insult his voters but he did choose to emphasize positions his base hated:

Brown especially with his absolutely pandering in on-bended-knee-running to Shaheen’s Left on being “I’m more Pro-Choice than her!!!!” told another large group of normally Conservative Republicans “I don’t need you at ALL” – that would be the large Pro-Life voters to whom this issue IS their top issue if not their SINGLE issue when voting.


Mind you there were pragmatic people who tried for him. Boston Bridget is as pro-life as they come yet there wasn’t a person who worked harder to try and elect him north of the border but that didn’t move the faithful:

The Groksters come to a conclusion:

In each of these candidates, not maintaining a Consistency with their base cost them. It should show that trying to replace that base with another, and being very untransparent about it, failed to create a Trust and you both lost votes.


Yeah but a lot of high paid GOP consultant said otherwise, and we all know they know a whole lot more than a blogger in a Fedora and scarf.


There are less than 60 days to the year and to say things are tight financially around here is to say the Titanic had a bit of a leak but there isn’t a lot of money in telling GOP candidates things as they are rather than what they and the establishment want them to hear.

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