How about a Gun a Tax & Obamacare Amnesty?

As president Obama prepares to create a unilateral amnesty for who choose to violate immigration law I say why stop there?

How many times have we read about people who are in prison for bogus gun charges or through tax laws that are used to go after people for political reasons.

There are OSHA fines slowing down business, FEMA fines, the EPA picking on people and businesses who dare to consider humans more important than turtles.

I’ll wager there are tens of thousands of laws that conservatives who have run afoul of laws pushed by liberals who could use a break but since we are doing amnesty how about a GOP president grant blanket Amnesty for any business that violates the rules of Obamacare.

Hey if amnesty is good enough for non-citizen breaking our laws then it’s certainly good enough for citizens oppressed by laws opposed by conservatives.