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By now, those of us who pay attention to such things know about the feminist-created furor whipped up about Dr. Matt Taylor and his Space Chicks shirt–that last being a Hawaiian-style celebration of pulcritude and firearms.

Some of the pushback opinions rightly center on feminist hypocrisy and the questionable priorities of those who would harp on the sartorial choices of a man as he celebrates one of the most monumental of goals: landing an object on a comet hundreds of millions of miles away from Earth.

But I think that the outrage about the man’s shirt speaks to something more basic in feminists, a factor which they sublimate–either accidentally or on purpose. It’s a factor which nearly all women consider and there is a counterpart in most men.

What do most men do to attract women? They work and they do so to show that they can provide–for themselves and, ultimately–for a prospective female mate.

In parallel, what do most women do to attract men? They make themselves look good. Usually that involves appearing as young as possible. (Sometimes past possible, but that’s another topic.)

A man who cannot provide for himself or his family is deemed less than masculine–less than a man. And, of course, a woman who is less physically pleasing to the eye is deemed less feminine, and therefore less-preferred in the mating sweepstakes.

All of that points to procreation. You know this. I know this. Anyone who doesn’t have his/her head in the clouds–or other lower, darker locales–knows this.

Feminists know this too. Subconsciously. But they can’t admit it or even acknowledge it to themselves. All of that egregious Bravo Sierra about the shirt discouraging women from entering STEM careers serves to cover something even more ridiculous.

Feminists are jealous of buxom blonde, scantily-clad cartoon women.

As I have been saying all over the Internet, if the shirt had been plastered with naked Lena Dunham clones, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Or at least I wouldn’t. Illustrated vamps make feminists feel inadequate as women. Consider that next time you try to reason with these creatures.

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One thing about online polls they are designed to draw hits to your website but apparently.  This is why Time Magazine has an annual poll of which word should be banned.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t like the people being drawn to their website such polls

TIME apologizes for the execution of this poll; the word ‘feminist’ should not have been included in a list of words to ban. While we meant to invite debate about some ways the word was used this year, that nuance was lost, and we regret that its inclusion has become a distraction from the important debate over equality and justice.

–Nancy Gibbs

Or more accurate according to Time’s customer base which is apparently confined to the MSM and people who want to control the clothing decisions of scientists objected

One might think that in the magazine era you would want to grow your customer base of course if you kick potential new customers in the teeth their arne’t likely to come back.

Someone might want to send Ms. Gibbs & company a season or two of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares to watch. If there is one thing that she could learn from it is this. Refusing to change for the sake of a shrinking customer base is a sure-fire way to see your business die.

We have been getting drips and drabs out of the investigation/grand jury  in Ferguson.  It seems that actual confirmed information is pretty hard to come by.

In one sense that’s proper, that last thing you want to do is to contaminate a potential jury pool further if there is in fact an indictment but all of the posturing by the various sides in this drama has been quite revealing.

The government has made repeated assurances to the black community that “justice” will be done. You might recall weeks before the governor made his vow to protect lives & property he called for a “vigorous prosecution” of the officer in question even before the Grand Jury had been presented with a thing (hey there was an upcoming election after all.)

All of this was done in the hopes of calming the black community and the protesters waiting to explode, yet a state of emergency has been declared in Ferguson and businesses & shops are boarded up preparing for the worst.

Oddly in all of these worries nobody has asked an obvious question.

We are told by the protesters that the Michael Brown shooting was indicative of oppression, that the community is invested in keeping blacks down. That the police force is just a tool being used by the white community whose desire is to oppress blacks.

So tell me, if this is true why is there no worry of White Riots if Darren Wilson is indicted?

The White population of the area outnumbers the black community greatly.  Many members of said community are armed legally, quite a few members of the community have been out protesting in support of the police in general and Officer Wilson in particular. Many of said protesters have connections to police.

If this was all about what the protesters claim then surely these people are simply waiting to explode, ready to vent their fury on the black folk of Ferguson in retaliation.   No black owned business or neighborhood should be safe from their wrath. If the protesters are right the threat of white violence washing over Ferguson like a tidal wave in an orgy of looting, burning and pillaging as seen historically from they days  of Jim Crow and dramatically portrayed in popular culture for two generations should be the #1 fear of all concerned.

Yet there is not even the slightest hint that if Darren Wilson is indicted and even convicted there would be anything more dramatic than strongly worded letters to the editor & perhaps some angry calls to talk radio  and maybe another billboard or two.

This more than anything else tells you all you need to know about the true state of race relations in Ferguson and the moral capital of those waiting to march.

The civil rights movement built up a huge amount of sympathy & moral authority by standing up to powerful people who tried to intimidate them. I submit and suggest that from what we are seeing and NOT seeing out of Ferguson, that account has been overdrawn.

I’ll go one better, for all the disclaimers from the leaders of the Ferguson Protests concerning violence and pointing to “outsiders” being the source of trouble (oddly the same argument white authorities in the Jim Crow days always made) if the grand jury returns no indictments & Ferguson burns in an orgy of violence, the stereotype said violence will create will be a millstone  carried by young black men across America for generations to come.

And while this will be horrible news for said young black men it will also guarantee gainful employment and media time for a whole new generation of race hustlers anxious to use them as suckers.

Using the blood of a race for profit, now where have I seen that before?

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