If the Law is “Broken” it’s because people are breaking it

Last night the President went on TV to announce executive action on Amnesty to people who have violated immigration laws.

The argument that we keep hearing is that the law is “broken” or immigration is “broken”.

Now I’ve seen power supplies broken, I’ve seen toys broken, I’ve heard of hearts “broken” but how does a law “break”?  Do the words fall off the paper?

All that is going on is that large amount of people are breaking a law, said people have allies with a large megaphone and have decided to ally themselves with a particular political party and said party has decided to attempt to buy their votes.

This is a law that is broken, this is law breaking that is being excused for political reasons.

This is going to mint republican by the tens of thousands because as people south of the border swarm in illegally (thinking that the amnesty applies to them) millions of people, black, white and hispanic find competition for the increasingly scarce entry-level jobs get even tighter.

The mask is coming off of this president and the country that already has paid a heavy price for their foolish decision to elect and re-elect him ain’t seen nothing yet.

Exit question:  If as the media says the GOP has to support this or will have no prospect of every winning again, why didn’t democrats run on it with a national ad campaign?

Update: title typo fixed

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