I’m Old Enough to Remember when referring to those who “Pick our fruit and Make Our Beds” was Racist

Is it just me or does Barack Obama’s justification for amnesty deriding the “hypocrisy of a system where workers who pick our fruit and make our beds never have a chance to get right with the law?” sound less like King’s: “I have a dream” or LBJ’s “and we shall overcome.” and more like Al Campanas talking about his love of black America on Nightline?

I suspect the White House spin over these words is going to sound a whole less like Nixon in his resignation speech saying: “I regret deeply any injuries that may have been done in the course of the events that led to this decision.”

and a lot more like D.W Griffith as quoted by Lillian Gish in denying he was a racist after making the wildly racist Birth of a Nation:

To say that is like saying I am against children, as they were our children, whom we loved and cared for all of our lives.

Closing thought: Barack Obama and his handlers surely knew that this was going to be one of the seminal moments of his presidency. Given that fact it’s likely that every word of the speech he gave in prime time last night was chosen with care.

Given that fact the inclusion of the “workers of pick our fruit & make our beds” means either those words didn’t set off the alarm bells of any person in the White House staff that worked on or reviewed this speech, including the President OR President Obama overruled those objections personally.