The Pope Francis the Media (Still) Refuses to Acknowledge:

During the first part of the Synod on the Family we had plenty of media spin on Francis being at war with the “conservatives” in the church and even more such pieces when Cardinal Burke was reassigned (as if clergy being transferred is unknown in the Catholic Church).

I wrote last week about how some of our new Martin Luther in the church have been so disturbed by this.  Perhaps they would be less disturbed if they saw these reports that the media has seen fit to ignore:

Item:  Francis Hit Assisted suicide

At the very time that the MSM spent a week celebrating a young woman choosing to kill herself because of her fear of potential pain, the Pope most celebrated by the media call this decision what it is:

In a strongly worded address that marked a departure for a pope who tends to focus more on social justice issues, Francis denounced what he called the “false sense of compassion” that was used to promote abortion and those who regarded euthanasia as “an act of dignity.”

And he didn’t stop with assisted suicide:

“We are living in a time of experimentation with life. But a bad experiment,” the pope told members of the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors at the Vatican Saturday (Nov. 15).

Francis also condemned in vitro fertilization, which he said promoted children as “a right rather than a gift to welcome,” and embryonic stem cell research, which “used human beings as guinea pigs to presumably save others.”

“This is playing with life,” he said. “Be careful, because this is a sin against the Creator: against God the Creator, who created things this way.”

Yes the TV networks ignored it, and the few stories that came out on the MSM web sites gave more space to Maynard’s words than the Pope.  After all who wants to hear about the Pope contradicting everything the media believes in?


Item:  Pope Encourages African Bishops

You might recall that at the Synod of the family it was suggested that the conservative Bishops of Africa were not , despite the great number of vocations they were generating were not to be encouraged?  Apparently the Pope doesn’t see it that way:

A natural result of this apostolate will be an increase in young men and women who are willing and able to dedicate themselves to the service of others in the priesthood and religious life. As the Church in Malawi continues to mature, it is imperative that the strong foundations laid by generations of faithful missionaries be built upon by local men and women evangelizers. We can never be satisfied with past gains, but must always strive to share blessings and advance the mission of the Church (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 69). This is a sure sign that our motivation is a love which seeks the good of the other. Where genuine love for Christ and neighbour is fostered, there will be no shortage of generous priests and men and women consecrated to God in the religious life.

In a special way, I would ask you to be close to your priests, to listen to them and to support them. 

Hold on didn’t we hear that the Pope favorite Cardinal was pooh poohing this stuff?  Wasn’t that news.  Apparently the Holy Father thinks otherwise.

I know that you are conscious of the Church’s responsibility to youth, who are a precious part of Malawi’s present and the promise for her future. Do not hesitate to offer them the truths of our faith and to show them the joy of living out the moral demands of the Gospel. Preach Christ with conviction and love, thus promoting the stability of family life and contributing to a more just and virtuous culture.

Well how about in Zambia?

In our own days, Zambians continue to seek a happy and fulfilling future in the Church and in society, despite great challenges which militate against stability in social and ecclesial life, in particular for families. When family life is endangered, then the life of faith is also put at risk. As you yourselves have recounted, many – especially the poor in their struggle for survival – are led astray by empty promises in false teachings that seem to offer quick relief in times of desperation.

In regard to these difficulties, I am convinced that “the weakening of [family] bonds is particularly serious because the family is the fundamental cell of society, where we learn to live with others despite our differences and to belong to one another; it is also the place where parents pass on the faith to their children” (Evangelii Gaudium, 66). Be solicitous whether in or out of season, by supporting this “sanctuary of life” (Africae Munus, 42) which is the family, for it is here that the Church’s well-being in Zambia must grow and be fostered.

How about that, not a word about “who am I to judge” or a smidgen about homosexuality being illegal in those lands.  I’d expect the MSM would be all over that.

But they’re not.


Item:  Frances hits “Christians in name only” 

We see an awful lot of public Catholics who ignore or speak against Church doctrine.  Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry crowd who talk about their faith but do their best to push thing not only contrary to the faith but are objectively evil.  We have heard conservative Bishops speak out about this kind of thing but nothing like that from Pope Francis, right?

Francis explained, they are “worldly Christians, Christians in name, with two or three Christian attributes, but nothing more”. They are “pagan Christians”. The have “a Christian name, but a pagan life” or, to put it another way, “pagans painted with two coats of Christianity: thus they appear as Christians, but they are pagans”. The Pope specified that “these people, our brothers”, were not only in Paul’s time. Today too, he advised, “there are many of them”. This is why we “have to be careful not to slide toward that path of pagan Christians, Christians in appearance”. In reality, “the temptation to adapt to mediocrity — the mediocrity of these Christians — is actually their downfall, because the heart cools off, it becomes lukewarm”. But “the Lord speaks a strong word to the lukewarm: ‘because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth’”. These people, the Pontiff repeated, “are enemies of the Cross of Christ: they take the name, but don’t follow the requirements of Christian life”.

Further examining the concept, “Paul explains this a bit and speaks about ‘citizenship’”, underscoring that “our commonwealth is in heaven”. However, the Apostle indicates, the citizenship of the enemies of the Cross is exclusively “earthly: they are citizens of the world, not of Heaven”. And their “surname is ‘worldly’”. This is why Paul strongly advises: “Look out for them!”.

Wow!  This is really something.  That something that might lead on CNN or ABC or NBC…or maybe not.

Item:  Pope Pushes Proselytizing: 

It’s become practically an article of “faith” that it’s not polite to push Christianity on others and that for it to be prominent in the public square is practically a violation of human right.  So what is the pope saying on this subject?

“Every generation is called to be missionary,” he said. Reflecting on the theme of the congress, based on God’s call of the prophet Jonah to go to Nineveh and to call the people to conversion, the Pope said the Church is called to be outbound and to bring the Gospel to all nations, “without distinction.”

And he specifically hit the idea that this is a freedom that is under attack:

In fact, if we intend to try, as Christians, to incisively address the many problematic issues and tragedies of our time, it is necessary to speak and act as brothers, in a way that all can easily recognize. This too is a way — for us perhaps it is the first — of confronting the globalization of indifference with the globalization of solidarity and fraternity, which among the baptized will shine even more brightly.

The fact that in various countries there is no freedom to publicly express religion and to live openly according to the demands of Christian ethics; persecution with regard to Christians and other minorities; the grim phenomenon of terrorism, the tragedy of those displaced due to war and other causes; the challenges of fundamentalism and, at the other extreme, of exasperated secularism; all these realities call into question our conscience as Christians and pastors.

With the war against ISIS this would be big news from an important source if it was only reported.

All of these stories are from the last two-week yet they are getting no play.  It is as the American Spectator says liberals misreading the Pope?

Conservatives, ironically, fear that Pope Francis is misleading the Catholic Church in the wrong direction on sacred-sacramental issues such as marriage. Some of them fear they may have been duped. In truth, however, it may be the liberals-progressives who are being misled—a word that I’d prefer never to use in reference to a pope.

Indeed, then, perhaps it’s not that Francis is misleading liberals, even as he’s not as forcefully clarifying things for them as he probably should. He hasn’t changed any doctrine or teaching, only tone. What’s really happening is that liberals-progressives are misleading themselves, deluding themselves, naively setting up themselves for a big and severely disappointing surprise and sense of grave betrayal. And when it becomes painfully clear to them that Francis isn’t what they expect, he shouldn’t expect much charity from them. He should not expect the folks at Time and the Advocate, who christened him their man of the year, to be so merciful.

All hell could be about to break loose.

I submit and suggest that instead it’s all about one thing.  The US media not wanting to attack the first Latin American Pope because of the justified fear that they would not be forgiven by their increasingly Latin American Audience.

So they will keep silent on any issue that might prompt prominent liberal voices to hit the Pope and force them to take a position that would put them in conflict with that demographic.

And if Conservatives are foolish enough to not notice these stories and thus be duped into creating divisions within the church, giving liberals the ability to attack THEM as opposed to the first Latin American Pope, well that’s an additional bonus extra.

The Bottom line is what it’s been since the start:

Pope remains Catholic, MSM meme hardest hit.

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