The DSCC goes LBJ & Sarah Palin in LA

Yesterday Powerline noted the abandonment of Mary Landrieu by the Democrat Senate Campaign Committee.

Sullivan and Tumulty don’t reach the same heights in the rest of the article — how could they — but they provide some interesting detail. For example, Senate Majority PAC, which spent millions of dollars on behalf of Senate Dems this fall, has not run a single ad for Landrieu in the runoff campaign. Meanwhile, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has spent more than $1.4 million in ads. Overall, pro-Cassidy groups have spent more than $5.6 million for this purpose.

There are getting some grief for this but they are following two logical patterns. A recent example from South Carolina & Sarah Palin who as a political venture capitalist decided when to make an investment (such as with Ted Cruz) and when not to:

The essence of a smart political operator is to know when to spend said capital and when not to, when the expenditure will lead to success and when it is in vain. When such a move can lead to victory or when a defeat will be costly for the entire cause.

In South Carolina Sarah Palin didn’t endorse Curtis Bostic although many conservatives wanted to.

That she didn’t endorse in a state where she has endorsed before speaks volumes about this primary and none of it is good.

She saw it would be a waste of capital and given the fact Bostic lost by 13.16% Palin choose wisely.

LBJ the best political operator of the Democrat Party of the 20th century made the same move when oil interests (yes the overwhelming congressional power of liberal Democrats till was built on Texas oil money) gave him a huge purse to play with, but just because he had an open checkbook he didn’t spent it capriciously as chronicled in Robert Caro’s Lyndon Johnson the Path to Power.

Francis T. Murphy said he had a “50-50″ chance. He could win, he said, “by getting vote to polls in key wards.” but money was needed to accomplish that. “None,” Johnson wrote next to Murphy’s name. C.H. Armbruster of Ohio asked for $1000, but said he would take less: “urgent.” he said, “None,” Johnson wrote. “$1,000 would be a lifesaver.” George W. Wolf wrote. “Two counties hold fate…Hard battle.” None.

But Johnson didn’t just cut off some people who asked, he also gave extra money to candidates some even to excess to the point where candidates like Charles Leavy & Mike Kirwan who said they were OK were still sent money anyway.

In other words Johnson spent his money wisely and the DSCC has (unfortunately) learned that lesson well.

While one never knows in an election, in a Republican wave year there is little chance that Mary Landrieu is going to pull this off.

That the DSCC has cut her off only tells me they are a lot smarter than they look.

Now if they had decided to go all in THAT would be news.