White is Not Right

by baldilocks

Not my hair

Originally composed on June, 27, 2010

I’ve been having my hair cut/head shaved every two weeks for about twenty years now.  However, every so often I decide to let my hair grow just for grins.  Three weeks ago, I made that decision yet again and I have a very tiny TWA.  (Short-and-curly has a different connotation to me than it does to most other people.)  This time, however, something was different.

Yesterday, I was hand-washing dishes in my great-aunt’s kitchen.  The house is old-school, almost eighty years in existence.  (We’ve even had to add electrical outlets because it was built when electricity was as new and rickety as iPhones are now [contemporaneous]).  Anyway, over the sink is a medicine chest with a mirror, along with a light which shines down on the head of whomever is standing at the sink.  As I washed dishes, I happened to look at my new growth of hair and guess what!

There is a whole frickin’ lot of salt in my used-to-be unadulterated pepper.

See you tomorrow, my beloved barber.


2014: In the last three months, I’ve allowed my hair to grow again—not so baldilocks anymore. It’s an inch long. When I composed the original post, I wasn’t completely honest. I was under a lot of stress at that time and wasn’t taking care of my rather fragile hair properly. So it was breaking off, and I began shaving my head again.

Well, I’m under a lot of stress again, but, this time, I’m treating my hair and the rest of my body well and they are responding, but, Holy Toledo! My hair is a full-on salt-and-pepper team. (Some of you all are used to this, but my 72-year-old mom didn’t start going gray until the last five years.) But, I’m going to let it grow this time.

So, should I dye it?

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